Monday, February 16, 2009

another piece for louie

so, for a while now, louie la palombara over at geekboy press has been trying to stump me with off the wall canson commissions... the latest being "arsenic and old lace" from runaways... for not knowing the book, i guess i did okay... (next one's gonna be straight up old school with dr. doom!)

so, had a GREAT store opening signing at friendly neighborhood comics in bellingham, ma  (owned and operated by my good pal, ernie pelletier)... great turnout and great new store (one of the nicest all around comic shops i've been in, really catering to the everyday crowd... not trying to take away from another fantastic shop in bellingham, rubber chicken comics - man, it'd be sweet to live near 2 great shops like that )

and for folks looking for original art, i decided to make things a lot easier on myself and have my uber art rep and hellacool guy  bob shaw over at comic art house handle sales on ALL the art (marvel, beckett, and now PERHAPANAUTS)... heck, in a WEEK, he managed to get all the haps pages from the image run on-line (i never even tried) and the new cap pages that are still available... so head on over and buy a page, will ya?

i'm sure there's more, but work calls...



Tom Bancroft said...

Love your stuff Craig! I thnk we met once at SD con a few years back, but have been wanting to tell you that I love your work for some time. Now seeing that you just did Cap, it's like my perfect match up! Gotta get that.

March2theSea said...

wanted to say it was nice to have met you this past weekend in Bellingham MA. You drew a quick spiderman sketch for my 6 year old and when I got home he flipped. My daughter was upset she decided to not come along with me! I hope to make it to the boston comic con and perhaps I will say hello. Thanks again for sharing your art and time w/me, us!


Brian said...

Craig, great job on the canson piece. One is used to purple dinos being of the friendly variety, but that one is just about the scariest thing I've ever seen you draw (insert Office Mulcahy joke here).

geekboypress said...

I am indeed a lucky man, thanks Craig!

Matt Wieringo said...

As always, your color choices are pure genius! Love it.