Saturday, June 28, 2008

back home...

okay, so it's been almost a week since coming back from charlotte and i'm finally getting back into my grove (and getting over the convention "ick"). it was a great (albeit bittersweet) weekend for us ... i sold art, sketchbooks and sketches all weekend, todd and i managed to sell more than a few comics and t-shirts... and we got to meet a buncha the board regulars in person for the first time (or in a few cases, find out that folks we've seen at the show for years were posters). we spent quality time with good friends old and new (matt and suzanne christian, mark waid, scott and gino, jeff parker, nick cardy, kelly yates, chris kemple, the case family, karl kesel and myrna... to name a few) - and since our better halves went to the show, we were able to go out together at night and talk and laugh for hours (and the ladies went to get manicures and drinks while we were at the show, so it was a win-win)... we reminisced about 'ringo without getting too maudlin (but his absence was definitely felt all weekend, sometimes like a punch to the gut when you weren't expecting) and managed to get the sketchbook together and raise money for the ASPCA in mike's name (you DO know all about the sketchbook, right? if you don't, check out todd's blog... and while you're there, read about to show in todd's words, too)...

but now i'm home and working hard to get everything done on time, so it's back to work...


just read about michael turner's untimely passing from cancer at the age of 37!... while i can't say i was ever a fan of his work, i did respect the hell out of him as a person for how he managed to fight until the end... and it's a tragedy he died so young. damn.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

heroes con 08...

okay, so i'm hard at work getting everything ready for my trip down to charlotte for this year's HEROES CON... a show i've gone to almost every year for the last decade or so (didn't get there the year john was born... thought leaving a 2 week old at home'd be a bit much), it's become a favorite. this year's gonna be different (and not just because todd and i will both be bringing our significant others)... it's the first year without 'ringo. it became just as much of the tradition for todd and i to head down early and spend time with mike, and every year we'd get our tables next to each other and hang out all weekend... as weird as it surely will be, at least we know we'll be able spend time with mike's brother matt, who'll be at mike's usual spot (and i couldn't think of a better guy to be there)... matt's gonna be set up to promote...

the mike wieringo scholarship fund

and without further adieu, here's the press release...

Mike Wieringo Scholarship “The ‘Ringo” Announced

Wieringo’s Friends and Family to Host Special Fundraising Booth at Heroes Con

CHARLOTTE, NC (June 6, 2008) When Mike Wieringo abruptly passed away last August, the comics industry lost more than a great artist and creator – it lost a friend. Now, Mike’s family has teamed with the Savannah College of Art and Design to create The Mike Wieringo Scholarship or “The ‘Ringo” to help keep his spirit of generosity alive.

Created by Mike’s brother Matt and his sister-in-law Suzanne, the ‘Ringo is designed to help provide similar help to artists at the Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD. Domestic and international students with have a minimum 3.0 grade point average who demonstrate financial need and display a serious interest in pursuing comics as a career are eligible. The scholarship will take effect in the artist’s second year of classes, and is renewable for up to two additional years, provided the student continues to meet the criteria.

The recipient will be chosen from three finalists determined by the college in a portfolio review by Matt and Suzanne Wieringo, along with a rotating group. The ultimate goal for the ‘Ringo is to raise enough funds so that it can cover a full year’s expenses at SCAD, approximately $30,000.

Toward this end, a table staffed by Mike’s family and friends will be set up in his traditional spot in Artists Alley at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. Heroes was a big part of Mike's life and career, and was the industry event he most looked forward to every year.

The table will raise funds through donations and the sale of remaining copies of Mike’s sketchbooks, copies of comics featuring Mike's work, selected pieces of Mike's original artwork, sketches by Mike's friends in the industry who will be appearing at the booth, and items donated by other comic professionals. Pros appearing include Jeff Parker, Rich Faber, Craig Rousseau, Todd Dezago, Mark Waid, Richard Case and more to be announced.

“SCAD is one of the most impressive programs in the world to focus on the medium of comics,” says Jeff Parker, creator of The Interman and Agents of Atlas, who worked with Mike at Artamus Studios. “I'm pretty sure Mike would have loved to have attended such a place in his student days. It would make an excellent legacy for him if we can grow the Ringo scholarship into a launch pad for the future greats of comics.”

Despite his success on such books as The Flash, Fantastic Four and his own creator-owned Tellos, Mike Wieringo never forgot what it was like to be a struggling creator. For many up-and-comers, Mike served as a mentor and friendly voice, whether it was providing free covers, advice, or just the encouragement to keep going.

With your help, the Mike Wieringo Scholarship can continue to grow and help a new generation of creators get the training and connections they need to start their careers. Mike’s talent, enthusiasm and generosity inspired many in the comics industry to be their best as both creators and as human beings. With your help, Mike will continue to be an inspiration for creators in decades to come.

look forward to seeing folks there!

okay, so while i'm here, i might as well show some art right? here's the original line art for the scarecrow cover i showed last time... (to keep with the cover design of the other two, i added a second element behind the main character... but after a few tweaks, it was decided that a screaming-nasty-smoke-bat-monster might be too much for a box of cereal...)

Friday, June 6, 2008

dark knight!

okay, so word on the street is that the custom comics i did to tie into the new batman movie are now showing up in general mills cereals (bill found his in cookie crisp!)...

i did these way back in the end of last year and kinda forgot about'm since i couldn't show'm to anybody ... there's three different mini-comics (cute at only 4"x4" with 4 pages of story)... i did all three covers and the stories in 2 (my man pop mhan did the third and the activity page art)...

found these scans on-line.. here's the first one and the cover...


(well underway on spidey-mj 2, working on haps 4... and another custom job for dc... sleep? what's that? luckily, i'll be able to get some sleep in charlotte, right? )