Tuesday, July 31, 2007

they might be awesome!

so, while quite a few folks were out at the biggest comic convention (in the u.s.) of the year, trish and i went with the kids down to cape cod... after a fun day at the beach and dinner with the family, we were able to get the kids to bed at the in-law's and head out to see they might be giants!

of all the tmbg shows i've been to (and believe me, i've been to a few), i'd rank this one as one of the most fun... great mix of new and old stuff, fun place and crowd (we've been lucky enough to see bob mould and frank black down at the beachcomber as well)...

besides that, commissions have been keeping me pretty busy (as well as work on some new haps stuff!)... here's another hellboy (this time with wolverine)...

tv's been slow (but luckily, hbo is keeping me entertained with john from cincinnati, entourage, flight of the conchords!... and even big love ... and rescue me is still great)

and since i know you read the blog, sir... congrats to bobby and janna on the new digs! (with any luck we can check it out soon) i'll try and get that housewarming piece done soon...


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

talk about bad timing...

okay, so i got a call a few weeks ago from an editor i worked with years ago offering me a weekly strip in the paper he was now working for... sounds like fun, a crazy premise, why not? over the weekend i finally get to a point where i'm comfortable with the ideas i've got for the first strip and i figure i'll start working on it monday after i email him about the dimensions for the strip... and then he tells me.

the weekly world news is ceasing publication. d'oh. so, sadly no "alien baby" strips from me in "the paper". coulda been fun... oh well.

anywhoo, hope everybody has a great time out in san diego (sadly, i'm not heading out this year)... here's another commission...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

ahhhh, baseball in new england.

so, seems like we've become accustomed these last few years to bottom of the ninth wins and walk off home runs...

not last night...or many times this season, so far. funny how as fans we can complain about a team that's still seven games ahead of the second place team, but clearly they're not playing like a first place team right now...

plenty of time to turn things around... or crash and burn completely. we'll see.

so, anyway, enough baseball ramblings... here's hellboy and a little pig dude. (man, that book looks so amazing... i can't get enough of duncan's stuff)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

good ol' pointy shellhead...

so, i got out to see the transformers with my brother friday night... and i gotta tell ya, it was exactly what i expected... big, dumb, explosive... and fun. (but man, was i tired after watching that movie... like every other michael bay movie, the camera didn't stay still for more than five seconds...cut after cut after cut after cut, it became work to watch and actually figure out what was happening...)

got a slew of commissions going right now, keeping myself busy (along with the stuff todd and i are cooking up for the baltimore exclusive... and a gig for a former editor i'll tell ya about later)...

here's yet another canson paper piece... man, i dig the retro look of this armor so much more than today's suit ( and i can't wait to see eric canete's iron man book... wow!) civil war... bah.

heading up to fenway tomorrow (whoot!)... catch ya later,
(my head hurts after the last john from cincinnati... but in a good way... and i can't get enough of flight of the conchords!)

Friday, July 13, 2007

love me some mouse guard!

so, i was lucky enough to get to know david petersen before he became a superstar with his gorgeous book, mouse guard (available in a beautiful hardcover collection at finer comic shops, books stores, and on-line retailers everywhere)... david and i agreed to swap pin-ups (his gorgeous pin-up below appeared in the second chances trade) and i was gung-ho to start and had the inks done in a few days... colors, however, took a bit longer.... but i finally go it finished. i took a few liberties, drawing what i thought some weasels might look like in david's complex world (i could be WAY off, but being the nice guy he is, david hasn't told me so...)

anyway, here's david's haps piece again...

so, back on commissions (with a few more harry potter pieces in the queue for friends in anticipation of the last book... and the new movie, which i hope to see soon) and other stuff...

...and i finally made plans to see transformers tonight.

have a good weekend!


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

hogwarts or bust!

so, only a few weeks left until the final book in the harry potter series... i'm looking forward to it.
and see, that's a perfect segue into this latest commission...

can't say i'm great with likenesses, but i think this one came out pretty good... at least you can figure out it's not harry... right?
(this is another piece... 11x17 this time!... that looks MUCH better in person than in the scan)...

not too much else going on besides commissions at the moment (except todd and i are working on the baltimore 'haps exclusive... we'll fill ya in when sept gets closer)...

random bits...
- anybody know why the blog archives are just code gibberish? (all i do is post via blogger... beyond that, i'm lost)
- duncan fegredo's hellboy art is just blowing me away... wow!
- still hard to believe the sox are 10+ games ahead of the yankees this close to the all-star break...
- man, i'm loving john from cincinnati (especially seeing al bundy channel andy sipowicz and al swearengen)
- passed up a chance to see trasnsformers the other night, but hope to see it on the big screen (clips look fantastic, but i fear it's gonna be way too "michael bay" for my tastes...) and i'd love to catch ratatouille soon.
- politics as usual in washington and the headlines (amazing how much actually happens right before holiday weekends in the hopes that people don't pay attention... sad, but nothing new)

alright, back to work!