Wednesday, October 29, 2008

well, here's another quick post... realized i needed to get my last 3 artist proof sketch cards in for the marvel masterpeices set, so.... i decided to just do the cards i wanted to and see if they'd sell on ebay  (bid now and bid often... gotta make that money to pay rico to work his magic on the colors for issue 5 of the haps!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

... and away we go!

so, as you can probably see (well, unless your reading via rss feed then maybe not), things are looking a bit different... kieran's done a fantastic job building a new, stylish, easy to navigate (and update!)... there maybe a few kinks to work out as we go, but come on in and check it out... take it for a spin and kick the tires... 

coupla tiki con sketches...

just a quick post, gotta keep going on these pages if i wanna take the night off thursday to go see los straitjackets ... found these 2 scans online of the sketches i did the other weekend at the screaming tiki con (amusingly enough, i met fellow artist dave aikens - who does plenty of great stuff for nickelodeon and was kind enough to send a backyardigans book home for johnny - thanks again, dave - at the show and he ended up requesting 4 of the 10 or so sketches i did that weekend for his friends and fellow collectors).. not always a fan of my convention sketches, but these came out alright (shane sent another over i'll post later this week... along with the picture of todd and me in the batmobile!)...

oh, and we have to wait HOW long for the next season of mad men?! not an earth shattering cliffhanger season finale, but a powerful character-driven episode that makes me think it's one of the best shows on tv today...  just glad there's still a few episodes of the shield to get me by... and i'm just getting into the first season of pushing daisies on dvd (had it on the tivo last year but the hard drive met an untimely demise... luckily, the new season is on the even bigger new hard drive)... enjoying life on mars so far (haven't seen the bbc original so i can't compare it)... and brian, i didn't even bother with my own worst enemy based on lackluster reviews.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tiki accomplished

okay, back from ohio... and already gotta think about getting ready for my next trip.... not sure if i posted it here, but i'll be attending the wizard world texas show in dallas nov 7-9. wasn't on my radar, but since they were nice enough to invite me to come down to participate on a few panels (spider-man loves mary jane, creator owned books)  i figured why not (and heck, i can finally meet terry moore in person!)... so, i really should get some stuff done here in the meantime.

but i did have a fun trip to the brand new "screaming tiki" con in ohio last weekend (the image above is the the art for the exclusive print todd and i put together for the show... we've got a few left over, so keep an eye on todd's blog for details on how to get your own)...  i got to meet folks like mark sumerak, cat staggs, mark mchale, and fellow animated batman artist christopher jones... seeing how it was their first show (and a big one at that), i'd say the folks who put the show together did a bang-up job.... really, how many times  can you say that you hung out with peter "chewbacca" mayhew and spent the weekend sketching for fans in an inflatable dome!

issue 3 of mj is out, issue 4 is out next month and 5 is well underway (same goes for haps 5, which wraps up the first arc of the image run... wish sales were better, but that seems to be the state of the industry)

so, the sox lost to tampa bay... and i really can't say that bothers me much at all... here's hoping the rays can go all the way!

been riveted by both mad men and the shield these last few weeks... GREAT television there.

Monday, October 6, 2008

bart in the house

keeping with the them of this drawing, it's gonna be a quick post... here's another one that was done for a patient fan, dave!  (hitoshi, yours is on the board RIGHT NOW... honest! that just leaves one more tellos drawing from heroes and a few from baltimore)... i sure do miss bart.... hmmm, maybe we need an impulsive speedster over in the haps... (not like dc's doing anything with'm)


(so, sox go to game 4 of the play-offs on big jim's anniversary - and he's got tickets, so here's hoping it's a good game for you and missus q!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

back from baltimore!

well, everybody made it back safe and sound... had a great show, enjoyed spending time with family and friends this weekend. managed to do a few sketches for folks at the show (and did a few to bring with me... this one of choopie and howard the duck was done for our good pal roger ash)... now it's back to the drawing board, gotta get pages done on both the haps (folks we talked to seemed to be liking issue 4 ad wondering what happens next!) and the final issue of my mary jane run (wow, this job flew by... must be working with that terry moore guy)...

tv is getting back into full swing (gotta get through all the stuff we tivoed while we were on the road), but i did manage to watch the office (good stuff, back in fine form), heroes (moving at a good pace, but really all over the map, inconsistent and derivative... don't know how much more i'll stick around for) and listening to the new ben folds cd while i work...