Thursday, August 19, 2010

spider-man loves... death?

here's a recent commission (recent in the fact that i recently finished it, not in the fact that is was commissioned recently... it was commissioned AGES ago) based on a great cover from the spider-man loves mary jane series a few years back (not the one i did, but the "good" one.. ha!)... pretty sure the name speaks for itself.

since i don't do much drawing for myself these days, sometimes i try to use these commissions to let loose and have fun (and try out new styles)... since the layout was already done for me, i tried to push the inks a bit.... (bob almond was saying he saw a hint of simonson in the linework in the hair, and i'll take that as one helluva compliment, bob!)

getting ready to head to baltimore next week, putting the finishing touches on our baltimore exclusive perhapanauts print, along with other goodies (check todd's blog next week for info!), working on my haps story, the cover to cap and the korvac saga 2, a cover for a friend, a mascot logo for a friend (and , as todd says, pulling a george lucas on the screaming tiki perhapanauts print we did... )... whew.

back to work.

(on the tv, front, enjoying mad men (don draper's personal downfall has been powerful stuff to watch) rescue me and got hooked on being human on bbc america... and the trashy fun of true blood)

Monday, August 9, 2010

old school daredevil

well, not that golden age old-school daredevil, but the first costume matt murdock wore back in daredevil 1 before going to the all red look.

without the crushing deadlines, we've been able to enjoy some family time down on cape cod, and did plenty of bike riding to help trish train for the pan mass challenge this last weekend (she, traci, heather, and thousands of other riders rode to raise money for the dana faerber foundation to help fight cancer)...

getting back into the swing of wrapping up the last few commission stragglers, as well as working the new haps pages and the captain america and the korvac saga project.