Saturday, July 9, 2011

pan mass challenge 2011

this august 6th, i'll be riding my bike with trish* (along with thousands of others) in the pan mass challenge, 84 miles from wellesley, ma to bourne, ma... this 2 day bike-a-thon event raises more money for charity than any other in the country, 100% of which goes to the jimmy fund and dana farber cancer institute.

simply put, cancer sucks.... and i'm hoping you can help me raise money to fight it.

since i don't work in an office or have a "real" job with fellow employees, i'm asking YOU to help me raise that money and make a donation...

but one of the perks of MY job is the stuff i make... and i figure, if you can help me out, i'd like to return the favor...
-every donation made gets you a free, signed comic.
-any donation over $25 gets you an EXCLUSIVE free choopie print (still in the works, but that's the pre-lim above)
-any donation of $50, i throw in a free headsketch (your choice)
-any donation of $100 or more, a free full figure b/w sketch (your choice)...
-and $150 or more gets you the free sketch AND a page from a recent marvel project (my pick)

anything higher than that, we'll talk ... and here's the link to my rider profile page:

here's hoping you can help me out and raise some money for a great cause.