Tuesday, May 31, 2011

with apologies to jack and dick...

here's my piece for the heroescon auction this weekend (man, i can't say enough good things about this show! shelton drum really puts on a show that all other shows aspire to...)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

quick one for heroes!

doubling as my jetpack comics sketch night drawing, here's a commission to be picked up at heroescon... NEXT WEEK?! wow, that came up quick! (if any other folks are interested in lining up a commission, drop me a line)

sent the finished art for the haps convention print over to mike for him to work his magic...

REALLY looking forward to seeing old friends and new in charlotte next week... with any luck (and little sleep), i'll hit my deadline on the current gig before jumping on the plane (and get right into my story for "jim henson's storyteller" - as well as the next issue of haps)  

-c (feeling pretty good after getting out for an 18 mile bike ride this afternoon - better get cracking if i'm riding the PMC in a few months...)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

rocket, i'm takin' a rocket!

my drawing i did for jetpack comics' sketch night... tonight's theme, dave stevens' "rocketeer" in honor of the new "rocketeer adventures" series from idw.

(like the batman piece from a few weeks back and a few others, this one's for sale here)


Friday, May 13, 2011

batman beyond

just another canson piece i finished up after having the prelim lying around for YEARS... (this, and a few other sketches are for sale over here - every now and then, i'll be posting a few odds and ends for sale)

let's see... work's moving along nicely, besides the main (paying) gig i'm doing right now, i'm also 2 pages from finishing my story in issue 2 of the next perhapanauts arc, jumping on issue 3 AND the motion comic next week...

the tv season is wrapping up strong (great finales from "fringe", "community"and "justified") which is good, i've got plenty to catch up on...  not to mention all the audio books to listen to!


Monday, May 2, 2011

kyra, alien jungle girl!

okay, so after coming up with the character for the emerald city comic con art book this past winter, here's a new project i'm putting together with my pal rich woodall co-plotting/scripting and lawrence basso on colors... not sure when in 2012, exactly - or what format yet - but the wheels are in motion... (rest assured, the haps will be back in a big way later in 2011 as well)


had a GREAT weekend at the boston comic con with todd out for a visit as well - even managed to go catch "super" at the cable care in providence ... the show just keeps getting better.