Wednesday, January 16, 2013


so, while i've been mighty busy with this latest PERHAPANAUTS mini series (DANGER DOWN UNDER! issues 1-3 are out now in print and digitally thru comixology , issue 4 is due in february and concluding with issue 5 in april!) and the MARVEL SUPER HEROES magazine covers i've been posting, i'm also hard at work on my new "digital first" venture KYRRA, ALIEN JUNGLE GIRL with my pals rich and lawrence over at artist alley comics. with any luck, we'll get on track with the last 6 ten page chapters in 2013 (sold drm free as pdfs you can read on any computer or tablet for only $0.99... chapters 1 and 2 are up now!) and collect'm all in print down the road, if there's interest...

comics are a changing landscape, and we're testing the digital waters... 'cause honestly, if your book doesn't have an AVENGERS, BAT, or X in the title, it's tough (but not impossible) to make a go in print...

we'll see... hope you're along for the ride!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

a marvel superheroes 20 cover... start to finish

keeping up with my effort to keep posting here on the blog more often... here's another cover, start to finish (from sketches to approved pencils, inks and kick ass colors by john rauch!) 

with these covers, i need to leave plenty of "dead" space for captions, title, upc codes, etc... and the final art is usually separated into layers, so creative giant (the guys who tirelessly put these magazines together every month) can shift art where needed...

besides these covers, i'm still working steady on THE PERHAPANAUTS - DANGER DOWN UNDER! (issue 3 hits stands and comixology next week) and KYRRA (over at artist alley... chapter 2 should finally be up by next week, and chapter 3 is well under way)