Friday, February 25, 2011

miss marvel sketch card

 well, i don't do much color marker work these days, but here's a miss marvel sketch card commission...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cleaning up the imac...THOR!

... and found this scan of a quick sketch i did a while back for a possible "marvel adventures" type THOR book. being a HUGE fan of the simonson run all those years ago (and various runs since), i was really bummed that it never got any further than this one sketch as other things came down the pipeline (would've been a fun gig with a crazy talented writer friend i dig lots, too - nope, not todd)... 

but i can't complain TOO much, since i ended up doing IRON MAN: THE ARMOR WARS (and then HER-OES and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE KORVAC SAGA)... AND i got to read (and LOVE) the series that did end up coming out  - THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER .

who knows, maybe someday i'll get my chance.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh, that ron stoppable!

so, here's a series of LONG overdue commissions featuring kim possible and her faithful sidekick (and boyfriend, as the show went on), ron stoppable...

after a 24 hour bug knocked me for a loop yesterday, back at the drawing board working on the perhapanauts!

(woohoo, new justified tonight!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

brave and the bold

so, another year, another commission for an old friend's now teenage daughter (who's a big comic fan)... last year was supergirl/wonder woman, this year's choice was batman /flash... hmmm, who knows what next year's will be?

besides this commsion, i managed to get through all 3 b/w kim possible pieces this weekend, too... AND enjoy several get togethers with friends (mid morning coffee with our very own perhapa-booth boy who was nearby for work, old high school friends, 40th birthday parties, housewarming dinner party with a proud new home-owning friend.. whew.)

so, also managed to start design work on some of the main players in the next 'haps arc and really getting into a groove after a LENGTHY hiatus from our gang (besides the occasional con print we've done... which reminds me, should have todd post the emerald city print soon!)

back to work!

Friday, February 11, 2011

another kim possible

so, a few of the crushing deadlines have passed... issue 4 of captain america: the korvac saga is in the can (issue 3 came out this week and rachelle did a killer job on the colors) and a quick job for hasbro is all wrapped up for now... that means, back to commissions for a few days (clearing out the backlog for a VERY understanding customer) before devoting all my time to getting some haps done (and sleep)...

here's the first of several commissions to get done... haven't watched the show in a while (wish it was out in seasons on dvd to watch with the kids), but still have a soft spot for kp (which is good, 'cause there's 3 b/w pieces next in the queue )...