Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cleaning up the imac...THOR!

... and found this scan of a quick sketch i did a while back for a possible "marvel adventures" type THOR book. being a HUGE fan of the simonson run all those years ago (and various runs since), i was really bummed that it never got any further than this one sketch as other things came down the pipeline (would've been a fun gig with a crazy talented writer friend i dig lots, too - nope, not todd)... 

but i can't complain TOO much, since i ended up doing IRON MAN: THE ARMOR WARS (and then HER-OES and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE KORVAC SAGA)... AND i got to read (and LOVE) the series that did end up coming out  - THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER .

who knows, maybe someday i'll get my chance.


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