Tuesday, May 26, 2015


... and the kickstarter campaign is live!


with any luck, we'll hit our funding goal... and then jump right into work on the 54 page graphic novel.

we've been telling stories about our intrepid cryptids for over 10 years now... 
we started with a self-published PERHAPANAUTS  ashcan, then a color newsprint book... 
made the jump to dark horse comics for two mini-series... 
and then moved to image for 13 issues...

and now, we've come full circle, looking to self publish (on a much larger scale) a self-contained, 54 page story in a hard cover format, for readers old and new.

we've learned a lot over the years (about how the industry works), and figured it was time to try and make a book we could get directly to the fans and retailers who are willing to take the chance... and make some money (for a change) along the way.

todd and i came up with the best "if we could only tell one 'haps story!" adventure, and we can't wait to get working... 

this time around, it's all TODD AND CRAIG, start to finish... i'll be penciling/inking/lettering (printed on the original boards) and coloring todd's pretty spectacular tale... and we'll be taking care of the production end as well... 

we've got plenty of cool swag to go along with it at various pledge levels... (and even more bonus stuff to "unlock" at pledge milestones...), so stay tuned... and thanks.

spread the word and we can make this happen... 


you'll notice there are b/w sketch and color sketch pledge levels... and that's gonna be it for commissions for a while. 

after finishing a few outstanding commissions, i'll be dedicating my commission time to the pledges... and my work time is gonna be busy with more adventures so STARTUP (i'll update the blog about that  real soon...!), KYRRA (coming next month to DARK HORSE PRESENTS and digital at artist alley comics and comixology), and... THE PERHAPANAUTS.

so, if you're looking for a sketch in 2015-16, this is your best bet!

Monday, May 18, 2015



If we could tell just ONE PERHAPANAUTS story... THIS IS IT!  

For years, the Perhapanauts have shielded mankind from the strange and the unexplained. Acting covertly, they have faced paranormal anomalies and displaced creatures, often laying their lives on the line for an unsuspecting world.

Their adventures have taken them across the planet, to every continent, to the four corners of the Earth. 

This time, they’re going IN.

THE PERHAPANAUTS: INTO HOLLOW EARTH original hardcover graphic novel.

54 story pages of full color, inner earth, crypotzoological action, adventure and humor (so, technically a 64 page book)... written by Todd (Impulse, Tellos, Sensational Spider-man) Dezago with art and colors by Craig (Impulse, Batman Beyond, Iron Man: Armor Wars) Rousseau.

Monday, January 19, 2015

NOT AT ANY CON convention sketch special

"NOT AT ANY CON convention sketch special!"

since the "not at NYCC sketch special" went over so well last fall, figured it was time do another... so no convention, no worries... don't let THAT stop you from getting a sketch.

thursday through sunday, i'll be doing the same sketches i'd do at the show ON-LINE - i'll post scans and email when they're done, and guarantee shipping early next week.

YOU get a sketch, I avoid leaving the house ... it's a win/win!

just like a convention, it's a "first come, first serve" list.. and when it's full, it's full...

here's MY list of standard options (along with examples)... available to order NOW at my webstore (place the order and i'll get in touch about the specifics - subject/details/blank cover options)

     $20 on bristol or an ARTIST ALLEY COMICS sampler (as shown)...
     $30 on assorted DC/MARVEL blank covers (WOLVERINE, HARLEY QUINN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, HULK and many - mostly marvel - more - see the list below !)

     $50 b/w full figure 9x12" bristol or an ARTIST ALLEY COMICS sampler
     $60 dc/marvel sketch cover

     $75 2 figures
     $85 dc/marvel sketch cover 2 figures

     $75 b/w with grayscale 9x12" or on ARTIST ALLEY COMICS sampler  (each additional figure $50)

(not pictured, but you get the idea)

$100 and last but not least, full color canson paper sketches  

and here's a list of the blank sketch covers i've got on hand... (unless otherwise noted, it's the #1 issue sketch blank cover)

the mighty thor
secret invasion (2 copies)
fear itself

wolverine NOW!
fantastic four NOW!
fantastic 4 NOW!
thunderbolts NOW!
avenging spider-man
incredible hulk NOW!
dark avengers
captain america
captain america NOW!
uncanny x-men 
guardians of the galaxy NOW!
avengers world NOW!
punisher NOW!
savage wolverine NOW!
the defenders NOW!
indestructible hulk NOW
thanos rising NOW!
secret avengers NOW! (2 copies)
young avengers NOW!
age of ultron NOW!
new avengers NOW! (2 copies)
wolverine - the best there is NOW!
wolverine 300
uncanny avengers NOW!
uncanny x-force NOW!
thor god of thunder NOW! (2 copies)
ultimate death of spider-man 160
A v X NOW!

doctor who #15
muppet show (2 copies)

batman 0
batman black and white
harley quinn 0 (3 copies)
green lantern 13

Thursday, January 15, 2015

blogging? seems so 2012...

well, it's been a few weeks since my last post... here. i post quite a bit on social media (facebook and twitter and even occasionally instagram) but don't seem to get around to the blog (or art galleries very often)...

does anyone even write/read blogs any more? maybe i should look into updating to  reflect that trend...

anyway, here's batman on a gargoyle...