Wednesday, May 22, 2019

living in a social media world...?

i realize that i post most of my art on various social media platforms (and have links to them on this website)...  but want to get better about curating my art and keeping things up to date on my personal website. i've updated the convention appearances, started with galleries highlighting the "just for me" concert posters and more, but there's PLENTY more to go...

also need to get better about updating the web store and selling art beyond convention appearances...

and even considering a mailing list to keep folks in the loop beyond the social media.

so much to do, so little time... bear with me (and any thought on what you'd like to see, drop a line!)


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

a Not AtAnyCon weekend

well, seems like it's gonna be one of those weekends... a NOT AT ANY CON sketch weekend! 

not sure how many of these i'll be doing in '19 (or the next time i'lll open the commissions list, so...)

email to get on the list, i'll be doing commissions over the weekend to ship out next week...