Monday, November 23, 2009

... now with more captain america! (and even some invaders)

okay, so when i asked my editor if it was cool to talk about the project i just wrapped, i was told talk away...

so, while most folks might never see this book (seeing as how it's not gonna be available in comic shops), i had the privilege of working on a WW2 captain america holiday themed story with paul tobin and sweet colors by chris sotomayor (and a modern framing sequence by richard elson) that's gonna be distributed by the US army... it's got cap, bucky, human torch, soldiers, submariner, nazis, and more ... what more could you want?

since wrapping this one up, i've been working on another one off book for marvel (again with that tobin guy!), that i figure a lot more folks will be seeing next year... as well as getting a good chunk of pages done for the next issue of the haps (which will be out next spring or so, but in the meantime you'll be seeing the haps molly special by scott weinstein and jason copland!), getting a few more commissions done (or, well, more done than before) and more...

i'll try to post again before thanksgiving, but hey, if i don't.... happy turkey day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

clobberin' time!

so, after managing to get my last book done on time (sorta) for a pretty tight deadline (hopefully i'll post artwork soon as i get the okay) with a house full of sick folks (luckily, i've been spared from the ick... so far), i took some time to catch up on commissions (like the thing, posted above), packing up stuff to get mailed, new 'haps layouts, cleaning the studio up a bit, and more... (heck, i even read a comic or 2...)

even though my next project is a one shot (due in january), i know if i don't start know, i'll be buried by the holidays ... so it's right back to work on that and the 'haps (seeing the pages for the molly one shot by scott and jason.. and the colored cover for an upcoming issue by jim starlin and terry austin(!) got me itching to get moving full steam)... right after i finish this very long in the queue, movie poster style 'haps pin-up sitting on my drawing board...


(so, mad men ended in fine fashion - january jones on snl this week, not so much... yikes. - sons of anarchy has become a favorite these days... and glad to have fringe back... and i've been enjoying all 4 sitcoms on thursdays on nbc this season after warming up to community and parks and recreation )