Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NotAtAnyCon sketch weekend 2016 - NYCC!

sure, i'm planning on stoping by NYCC on thursday to visit with friends... but i'm not setting up at the show. 

wanna get a sketch? then you're in luck... i'll be doing sketches from scenic NH this weekend...

pretty straightforward, first come, first serve as time allows, i'll be doing sketches during the time i'd be at the show friday october 7 thru monday october 10.

to get on the list, email me at me@craigrousseau.com

headshots -$25 (grayscale $50, color $75)
full figure b/w $75(grayscale $100, color $125)
canson full figure $125

headshots and full figures can also be on select sketch covers for an additional $10

amazing spider-man
doctor strange
astonishing ant-man 
secret wars 1 
the mighty thor
fear itself
wolverine NOW!
fantastic four NOW!
thunderbolts NOW!
avenging spider-man
incredible hulk NOW!
dark avengers
captain america
captain america NOW!
uncanny x-men 
guardians of the galaxy NOW!
avengers world NOW!
punisher NOW!
avengers x-sanction
savage wolverine NOW!
the defenders NOW!
indestructible hulk NOW
thanos rising NOW!
secret avengers NOW! (2 copies)
young avengers NOW!
age of ultron NOW!
new avengers NOW! (2 copies)
wolverine - the best there is NOW!
wolverine 300
uncanny avengers NOW!
uncanny x-force NOW!
thor god of thunder NOW! (2 copies)
ultimate death of spider-man 160
A v X NOW!

doctor who #15
muppet show
uncle scrooge (3 copies)
donald duck
josie and the pussycats

future quest 1 (5 copies)
supergirl rebirth 1
all star batman rebirth 1
batman 0
batman tmnt
batman robin eternal
green lantern 13

all art will be on 8.5 x11 or so, so shipping will be a flat $10 USPS priority mail (and barring unforeseen circumstances, mailed out by thursday, october 13)