Wednesday, September 29, 2010

another installment of "diggin' deep"...

since i really can't show much of the marvel stuff i'm working on right now (the first issue of captain america and the korvac saga is the new previews catalog this week- and the haps is chugging along.. .we'll be showing some of that stuff on our facebook page and todd's blog), i figured i'd pull some old stuff out of the file drawer... first up, a VERY early x-men sample page from '95 or so... (really never liked spotting black in pencils, hence all the lines)...

plenty more where this came from.


Friday, September 17, 2010

peace of mind...

okay, so as an artist, i can usually find flaw in everything i do... something that could've been drawn better, composition could be stronger, anatomy is off, you name it.... i try to let it go and work harder on not making the same mistake next time (i make new mistakes) but sometimes i see something that just sticks with me...

case in point - for the screaming tiki con todd and i went to last year, we did a small print to sell at the show based on the idea of a... screaming tiki. after drawing it and getting it printed, i just wasn't happy with it (on practically every level) but let it slide.

with this year's baltimore comic con, we did another print, and i was pretty happy with it... and one for the upcoming mid-ohio show (you'll see it on todd's blog soon) and it made me realize how much i WASN'T happy with the tiki one... SO, for my own peace of mind, i went and re-did the piece. (while todd is quick to point out that "george lucasing" my work is just looking backwards and we've got plenty more to do going forward, sometimes it needs to be done)

speaking of the perhapanauts, been cruising along on new pages, a cover or two... and check out todd's blog in the next few weeks or so for news about some fun new t-shirt designs we're trying out...

anyway, back to the paying work! (captain america and the korvac saga is gonna be one helluva fun book!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

(not quite) another one from baltimore...

so, i had planned to have this one done for louie to pick up at baltimore... naturally, i din't get to finish it (but i did when i got home)... i do love robert kirkman's invincible (haven't gotten to read the latest trade yet, but it's in the GIGANTIC pile of comics to read, next to the bookcase of books waiting for more than a cursory flip through... sigh.), so this was a lot of fun (and goes well with the invincible piece from a few years back)

besides that, the kids both started school (the boy in first grade, cat LOVING her first two days at pre-school) and work is moving along...

working on the cap/korvac project and making serious headway in the next haps book (as well as the mid-ohio con print we're putting together) as well as getting down to just a few kim possible related commissions outstanding...

almsot done watching season 1 of dexter (via the nextflix streaming app on the ipad while i work), loved the premiere of this season's sons of anarchy (glad i didn't write it off after the first few episodes... growing into one of my favorite shows on tv) and this week's mad men was one of the best in a while.

looking forward to taking the kids to the "life is good" music festival (they might be giants and ok go... sweet!) this sunday at blue hills and spending time with friends.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

back from baltimore!

yet another great comic show in charm city (easily in my top 3 favorite comic shows... heck, top 2 with charlotte)... the weekend 2 day show seemed to go by mighty quick, realizing how many folks i DIDN'T get a chance to talk to (or even see)... kept my head down, sketching away (pics of two of the color pieces i did above) but i did manage to spend time with good friends (you know who you are) and socialize a bit (and have a great breakfast with the gang)... next up, mid-ohio in november with todd.

mighty glad to be back home, getting back into the routine. the boy started first grade and cat goes to pre-k next week, so i'll get some time to work - and sleep!

working on the marvel stuff and haps stuff (hoping i can keep this enthusiasm and momentum going into the next few issues!)