Saturday, January 29, 2011

cap and ... galactus!

okay, so issue 3 of captain america: the korvac saga is out very soon and i'm crazy busy wrapping up issue 4 this week (whew)... up next, i'm finally getting to a few long outstanding commissions and trying to make headway on the 'haps (seem like a broken record on that front, but i'm really itching to get back to 'm)... besides that, who knows?

and for your viewing pleasure, here's the cover for issue 4... as well as an unused version i did as well...

(and shameless plug time... pages from issues 1 and 2 - as well as PLENTY of other pages from other books - are already up for sale at comic art house - and covers for 1, 3 and both versions above are still available...)


Monday, January 17, 2011

the iron spider

okay, almost done with the cap:korvac project (and working on another haps print for the emerald city show coming up soon, as well as the next haps arc)...

taking a quick break from the rest of the tall tales stuff i've got to post (pecos bill and old stormalong)... here's another piece i did in b/w at the mid ohio show for andrew varcho, who was kind enough to send over a sweet colored version he did!


(so, gotta say, i'm glad i wasn't home to watch the pats have an off game yesterday... of course, one off game in post season is all it takes. least i can still root for matt's green bay... and hope big ben can lead the steelers right over the "school on saturday"* jets)

*no class, just sayin'.

Monday, January 10, 2011

paul bunyan

well, here's another of the tall tales paintings (and the b/w spot illustrations i did to accompany it)...


working away on captain america: the korvc saga 4 (which is good, because issue 2 hits stands this week!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

how do you like d'em apples? (tall tales redux)

okay, so i got a very nice email the other day asking about the john henry painting i did a long time ago (and posted on the blog years ago - which reminds me i REALLY need to update the galleries with the pieces i post to the blog)... seems i only posted 2 (pecos bill and john henry, steel driving man) of the 4 i did (each is about 14 x 17 or so).
and since i've got no new stuff to post, here's johnny appleseed! (and i found the scans of the smaller b/w spot pieces i did to go along with the paintings... )
hope you had a merry new years (and did not, like many of our new years day party guests, come down with "the ick" that seems to be going around)