Thursday, January 6, 2011

how do you like d'em apples? (tall tales redux)

okay, so i got a very nice email the other day asking about the john henry painting i did a long time ago (and posted on the blog years ago - which reminds me i REALLY need to update the galleries with the pieces i post to the blog)... seems i only posted 2 (pecos bill and john henry, steel driving man) of the 4 i did (each is about 14 x 17 or so).
and since i've got no new stuff to post, here's johnny appleseed! (and i found the scans of the smaller b/w spot pieces i did to go along with the paintings... )
hope you had a merry new years (and did not, like many of our new years day party guests, come down with "the ick" that seems to be going around)
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