Monday, March 29, 2010

by odin's beard!

and the third (and last for now, deadlines are tight for a bit) marvel treasury cover redo is thor... man, i LOVE drawing thor (i'd say the simonson run left a BIG impression on me.... this is a "romita by way of simonson" homage)... back to work.


(took the time this weekend while working to watch a good chunk of flash forward that's been piling up on the tivo since i recorded the premiere... intriguing enough, hope they can at least resolve it all f they don't get renewed next year)

Friday, March 26, 2010

hulk smash!

so, after drawing comics for over 10 years, i still haven't had a chance to draw many marvel characters in published books ... and one i'd love to draw (but still don't really have a handle on) is the hulk...

and like i said before, i just don't have the time to color these yet... luckily, the boy does...

have a good weekend!

(looking forward to hot tub machine tonight)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

old school marvel

okay, so in between commissions, haps stuff, star wars cards and herOes, i've found the time to do a few pieces just for fun (based on the iconic covers from those old oversized marvel treasury books by john romita sr.)... up first, spider-man! (wish i had the time to color these up, but i do like to sleep a few hours a night...)

tv bits - 24 is picking up (and making a seemingly ludicrous plot line a bit more understandable), lost was enlightening and crazy good, justified and the pacific have become must watch shows... (and i still have all of caprica and flash forward so far on the tivo to watch when i get the chance)

about 2/3 through listening to from a buick 8 (and have no idea where it's gonna go) and finished under the dome a while ago (vintage king)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

now in color! with words!!

so, realizing i didn't have the time to really do it right (or this good), i got mike thomas (who colored the fred hembeck story in the halloween special as well as the recent molly one shot) to color the "poster" commission... i told him i'd been looking at drew struzan stuff a lot lately but my only instructions were "i dunno, make it look good "... and he certainly did.

and to round it out, i figured why not get todd involved and had him come up with the tagline and credits.

so there you have it.

okay, besides that, here's a link to an interview paul tobin and i did for the FCBD iron man /nova book ...


working away on the next issue of herOes...

Friday, March 5, 2010

'haps poster part 2

okay, so been a bit longer than i thought (deadlines and all that)...

where were we? oh, yeah... onto the inks for that 'haps commission... pretty straightforward, really... at this point, most of my detail finishing is done with the inks (kind of relaxing to do details like the hair), so the pencils really didn't need to be tightened up ... i did decide to change the shot of mg slightly.

up next, colors... (and while i would've LOVED to color this myself, i decided to get someone who was a. faster and b. better than me... namely mike thomas, who did a killer job on the recent 'haps molly special.)


not much else going on work-wise besides plugging away on her-oes for marvel (gotta say, it's fun stuff... and not just 'cause they're paying me to do it)... starting to figure out my con schedule for 2010 (tentatively -so far, it's boston in april, fcbd at jetpack comics in nh, charlotte in june... and more likely than not, baltimore in the sweltering month of august)