Friday, March 5, 2010

'haps poster part 2

okay, so been a bit longer than i thought (deadlines and all that)...

where were we? oh, yeah... onto the inks for that 'haps commission... pretty straightforward, really... at this point, most of my detail finishing is done with the inks (kind of relaxing to do details like the hair), so the pencils really didn't need to be tightened up ... i did decide to change the shot of mg slightly.

up next, colors... (and while i would've LOVED to color this myself, i decided to get someone who was a. faster and b. better than me... namely mike thomas, who did a killer job on the recent 'haps molly special.)


not much else going on work-wise besides plugging away on her-oes for marvel (gotta say, it's fun stuff... and not just 'cause they're paying me to do it)... starting to figure out my con schedule for 2010 (tentatively -so far, it's boston in april, fcbd at jetpack comics in nh, charlotte in june... and more likely than not, baltimore in the sweltering month of august)
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