Friday, May 31, 2013

quick thought or two on convention prints...

starting to get stuff together to pack up for heroescon next week... and got me thinking about artists selling prints of licensed characters (and sometimes with HUGE displays covered with prints) ... me, i've decided that's not my bag. heck, if dc , marvel or anybody else, for that matter, wanted me to draw their characters, they'd hire me - and sometimes, they do... and if they wanted to sell prints, they would... it's their property, their choice... commissions and one offs, that's a different beast.

sure i 'd probably sell a LOT more marvel prints than i do of the perhapanauts or kyrra... but i'm okay with that.


so, speaking of ... KYRRA chapter 4 should be available in the next week or so (i'l llet you know)... and PERHAPANAUTS - DANGER DOWN UNDER 5 is out NEXT WEEK!