Thursday, December 11, 2014

merry krampus

the latest in our run of limited PERHAPANAUTS prints (unlike most of the others, this isn't a convention specific print, but our holiday offering)... featuring the legend of the KRAMPUS!... now available over at our big cartel store along with the the most recent RI COMIC CON print... and now until dec 31, all stuff is at least $5 off (which makes the prints and shirts a WHOPPING $5... and when these are gone, that's it for these designs, folks! so get'm now or never...)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"NOT AT NYCC convention sketch special!"

"NOT AT NYCC convention sketch special!"

since deciding getting a table and hotel, along with food and travel costs, would just be too expensive, i'm not heading to the new york comic con this year... but don't let THAT stop you from getting a sketch.

thursday through sunday, i'll be doing the same sketches i'd do at the show ON-LINE - i'll post scans and email when they're done, and guarantee shipping early next week.

YOU get a sketch, I avoid crowds... it's a win/win!

just like a convention, it's a "first come, first serve" list.. and when it's full, it's full...

and HEY! a few fellow ARTIST ALLEY COMICS creators have decided to join in as well...

rich woodall
rich case
chris kemple

can't speak for the others, but here's MY list of standard options (along with examples)... available to order NOW at my webstore (place the order and i'll get in touch about the specifics - subject/details/blank cover options)

b/w HEAD SKETCH  - $20 on bristol or ARTIST ALLEY COMICS sampler (as shown)... OR $30 on assorted DC/MARVEL blank covers (WOLVERINE, HARLEY QUINN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, HULK and many - mostly marvel - more)

b/w full figure 9x12" or on ARTIST ALLEY COMICS sampler $50 (2 figures $75)... or dc/marvel sketch cover $60 (2 figures $85)

b/w with grayscale 9x12" or on ARTIST ALLEY COMICS sampler $75 (each additional figure $50)

(not pictured, but you get the idea)

and last but not least, full color canson paper sketches  $100

and here's a list of the blank sketch covers i've got on hand... (unless otherwise noted, it's the #1 issue sketch blank cover)

the mighty thor
secret invasion (2 copies)
fear itself
wolverine NOW!
fantastic four NOW!
fantastic 4 NOW!
thunderbolts NOW!
avenging spider-man
incredible hulk NOW!
dark avengers
captain america
captain america NOW!
uncanny x-men 
guardians of the galaxy NOW!
avengers world NOW!
punisher NOW!
avengers x-sanction
savage wolverine NOW!
the defenders NOW!
indestructible hulk NOW
thanos rising NOW!
secret avengers NOW! (2 copies)
young avengers NOW!
age of ultron NOW!
new avengers NOW! (2 copies)
wolverine - the best there is NOW!
wolverine 300
uncanny avengers NOW!
uncanny x-force NOW!
thor god of thunder NOW! (2 copies)
ultimate death of spider-man 160
A v X NOW!

doctor who #15
muppet show (2 copies)

batman 0
batman black and white
harley quinn 0 (4 copies)
green lantern 13

Friday, September 12, 2014

pmc 2014

so, there's still a bit of time to donate to the PMC (and the dana farber cancer institute) for my 85 mile ride (cutoff is october 1st)... since don't have "co-workers" in the traditional office sense, i'm asking everybody out there to consider donating... like in years past, i'll try and get some rewards - prints, signed books, sketches, original art, etc - out for donations...(working on a new print for 2014... the rough below!) 

here's the breakdown - 

$25 and i'll send along a signed comic and this year's print (that's a work in progress)
$50 gets you the print and a headsketch
$100 or more and you get the print and a full figure sketch or an original page of published comic art

make a donation, drop me a line and we'l line it up! these sketches may take some time, so please be patient (and if i owe you one already, lemme know!)

every dollar raised is a dollar towards beating cancer, so please give.


head over to for more info...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

green lantern 34 "selfie" cover

saw this pop up on-line last night, so i figure it's safe to share... had the pleasure of doing a fun green lantern 34 "selfie" cover of hal with one of his biggest fans ... colors by the ever incredible dave mccaig!

(work's been... interesting, with plenty of odds and ends jobs showing up, some DC stuff, starting art on a fun creator-owned project, and keeping on with kyrra...)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


even though things have been awfully quiet over at the "artist alley comics" website as of late, i can assure Rich Woodall and i still working away onKyrra Alien Jungle Girl (still available thru as DRM free pdfs...or thru comixology)... we've got plans to have the next digital, super sized chapter available soon... we've mapped out up this first arc (of a MUCH bigger adventure)... and plans are afoot to get it into print soonish. phew.

and todd and i have at least one last PERHAPANAUTS story up our sleeves. stay tuned.

Monday, February 24, 2014

2014... and beyond

first off, this isn't a "woe is me" post, but just more of an honest "state of the union"...

i'd like to think that at this point in my career, i'm still growing as an artist, experimenting and pushing style... and producing some of the strongest work yet.

but after 15! (give or take) years drawing comics (and comics related stuff), I'm realizing it might be time to take a big step back and reevaluate where i'm going in my professional career. 

as editors come and go, so do connections in the industry. paying work has been slowing down considerably... and editors aren't emailing, banging down my door looking to hire - instead they're finding new talent. that's always been the nature of this beast. (and let's face it, there are some damn good looking books coming out these days.) 

my gig on disney/marvel storybooks as well as covers (and pin-ups) for MARVEL SUPERHEROES magazine has run its course... i was lucky enough to do a 2 part story on my dream project BATMAN '66 late last year, and i've been having a blast doing variant covers for dynamite and IDW, but not much besides that...

creator-owned work on projects like THE PERHAPANAUTS and KYRRA has been incredibly creatively fulfilling, but not exactly financially successful (to put it modestly)... todd, rich, and i all realize this stuff is a labor of love, but spending years producing a body of work we're incredibly proud of hasn't been doing much to expand our fan base. we tweet, we blog, and we post to facebook to the same people who already buy our stuff (and you're probably one of the folks reading this post, so thank you!)

we'd love to keep doing this, telling new stories and creating new stuff... but current sales just don't pay the bills (far, far from it). we're exploring new ways of telling stories (digital first, illustrated prose, kids' books, audio/motion comics, kickstarter)... but with our current sales, the way we're doing books through image just doesn't make sense for us... 

i've been lucky enough to have plenty of folks interested in commissions, and i'll gladly continue with those (dark crystal, impulse, legion of substitute heroes, batman/robin '66, blacksad, steph brown robin and more are in various states of completion the queue )... but as for other work? i'm not exactly sure what's going to happen. but i'll keep you posted.

thanks for being along for the ride... 


the DANGER DOWN UNDER trade just came out (and available in our webstore, along with shirts, prints, new portfolios)... we've got a killer one shot on deck for the convention season (with any luck, we'll get it done)... another audio comic is in early development, and some other fun projects as well.

chapters 1 - 5 are available NOW only comixology for only $.99 each...
we've got this first arc of KYRRA mapped out (and chapter 6 of 10 is almost done)... will we collect it in print? sure, if we can figure out how to not lose money. we've got SEVERAL more 10 part arcs mapped out, exploring her world(S), friends, foes, and more.. and we'd love to get to it.

Monday, February 10, 2014


another lengthy interval between posts, i know!

a few quick things - 

my BATMAN '66 story is up on comixology and will be in print in a few months...

KYRRA is going ahead full steam digitally over on comixology (rich and i are trying to figure out how to bring volume 1 to print this year and weighing our options)

PERHAPANAUTS - DANGER DOWN UNDER! trade is out now... while we don't have another big arc on our schedule yet, we do have a few things to keep us busy with the 'haps.

i've been keeping busy with covers here and there, most recently a few GOLD KEY covers for dynamite... starting with some variants for TUROK (#1 retailer exclusive for maximum comics in las vegas, out now... and #2 steampunk variant, coming soon!)

here they are, start to finish...