Friday, September 12, 2014

pmc 2014

so, there's still a bit of time to donate to the PMC (and the dana farber cancer institute) for my 85 mile ride (cutoff is october 1st)... since don't have "co-workers" in the traditional office sense, i'm asking everybody out there to consider donating... like in years past, i'll try and get some rewards - prints, signed books, sketches, original art, etc - out for donations...(working on a new print for 2014... the rough below!) 

here's the breakdown - 

$25 and i'll send along a signed comic and this year's print (that's a work in progress)
$50 gets you the print and a headsketch
$100 or more and you get the print and a full figure sketch or an original page of published comic art

make a donation, drop me a line and we'l line it up! these sketches may take some time, so please be patient (and if i owe you one already, lemme know!)

every dollar raised is a dollar towards beating cancer, so please give.


head over to for more info...

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