Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hero initiative!

getting ready for megacon in a few short days (eep! going to do taxes later today... wheeee!)

so, here's the 2 cover sketches i've done for the hero initiative so far ... (tough thing about sketch covers is there's not much room for making mistakes... oh, well)... i was happy to donate my time to such a great cause.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

another megacon commission...

seem to be on a roll with all the projects i've got juggling so far (he says, hoping not to drop any of said jobs)... and even had time for another pre-show commission...

-c (heading out tonight to catch "paul" on the big screen)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

megacon is coming up quick...!

while i won't get out to the c2e2 show this weekend in chicago (maybe next year), i will be getting ready to head down to florida the following weekend for megacon... it's been more than a few years since i did the show for the first time (pre-kids!) and really looking forward to heading back... even with my full slate of work, i have managed to get a few of the show commission requests out of the way - like this tigra -  and hope to get a few more done before i leave (if you're going and interested in getting a sketch, drop me a line... not sure if i'll bother packing all the colored pencils and paper at this point)
seems like i end up hauling portfolios of original art through airports, back and forth to the hotel and to the shows... and only sell a page or 2... so, i've decided to leave'm at home this year and just tell folks to surf over to comic art house ... (unless there's something specific you want and you drop me a line beforehand)

okay, back to the drawing board.

(tv talk - just CAN'T get enough of "justified" this season... and the original "being human" on bbc america has been great so far)

Monday, March 14, 2011

the times are a changin...

so, my last issue of captain america and the korvac saga just came out last week... and i'd say that's the last semi regular comics work you'll see from me on the stands for a bit... which isn't to say i'm not CRAZY busy!

besides getting ahead on the next arc of the 'haps (we want to have most in the can before soliciting for a fall 2011 start... issue 2 is underway and i've been designing away for characters who'll show up in stories by other folks and eventually in my main story) and the convention prints  - all 4 now available from the web store (we plan on new ones for boston comic con in april/may and heroescon in june), we're gearing up for an exciting new 'haps project, the perhapanauts motion comic from motionworks.

and on the non 'haps front, i'm mighty swamped with a pretty fun job for the next few months at least (which i'm not allowed to mention yet)...

had a great time in seattle at emerald city comic con - check out todd's blog for some pics! and here's a few sketches i did... (need to get a portable scanner for stuff like this)...

lots to do (crazy how quickly time's flying... gotta get ready for megacon next week!)