Thursday, March 17, 2011

megacon is coming up quick...!

while i won't get out to the c2e2 show this weekend in chicago (maybe next year), i will be getting ready to head down to florida the following weekend for megacon... it's been more than a few years since i did the show for the first time (pre-kids!) and really looking forward to heading back... even with my full slate of work, i have managed to get a few of the show commission requests out of the way - like this tigra -  and hope to get a few more done before i leave (if you're going and interested in getting a sketch, drop me a line... not sure if i'll bother packing all the colored pencils and paper at this point)
seems like i end up hauling portfolios of original art through airports, back and forth to the hotel and to the shows... and only sell a page or 2... so, i've decided to leave'm at home this year and just tell folks to surf over to comic art house ... (unless there's something specific you want and you drop me a line beforehand)

okay, back to the drawing board.

(tv talk - just CAN'T get enough of "justified" this season... and the original "being human" on bbc america has been great so far)

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