Monday, May 22, 2006

season finale time...

gahhh, we haveta wait until january for more of the jack bauer power hour?!? and what was in that case that kept keith mars from meeting veronica?! and only one more sopranos until 2007?! and only 2 more hours of dharma initiative/others conspiracy craziness on lost? and i'm gonna miss michael's relentless belittling of toby at dunder mifflin until the fall (that scene in the finale, among countless others, had me in stiches)...

at least we've still got deadwood and rescue me coming up (and we haven't even started watching the final alias episodes we've got on the tivo)... and we just managed to watch all the episodes of love monkey that vh1 recently aired (too bad that it wasn't called csi:love monkey , then cbs might not've given it the ax so quickly...)

so, can ya tell that with all that crazy deadline stuff gone by, i've finally had a chance to relax? (and get back to work on finishing work on the house)... not to say i'm not getting work done, like the covers for the next 'haps series coming out at the end of the year... (above is the cover for the first issue, in case you're wondering), getting through a few commissions and more...


Thursday, May 11, 2006

guy davis rocks...

so, above is the piece i did for one helluva nice guy and great artist, guy davis (who, i'm sure you all know, does phenomenal work every month on b.p.r.d. as well as such fantasic stuff like the nevermen and sandman mystery theater)...

guy was kind enough to contribute a pin-up for the 'haps trade ( we signed off on some minor design changes the other day, so i guess we're good to go!) in trade for a pin-up of his character "the marquis"...

the b/w series came out a few years back from oni (and i believe is still available in 2 trade paperbacks... go get 'm)... his work is rich with texture and energy, and lotsa creepy crawlies ... and the story's pretty wild, ta boot!

wish i was heading out to the motor city show this weekend to buy him a drink (or three) for the pin-up, but this'll haveta do.

thanks, guy!

(so, i bet you're wondering about his pin-up, huh? keep checking over at todd's blog for him to post it there... )

random tv thoughts... 24? so ridiculously unbelievable this week, but oh so good ... veronica mars? wow, what a way to wrap up all those dangling plots... and leave us hanging! the office? dwight's complaints about jim had me howling (and michael's photoshop expertise as well)...

what i'm listening to as i type this ... red hot chili peppers - stadium arcadium

Friday, May 5, 2006

color guy...

so, i've never really had the opportunity to color anybody else's work but mine... until yesterday.

with the deadline for the perhapanauts trade looming over our head, we needed to get one last pin-up colored up asap...

but not just anybody's pin-up, mind you... but kevin friggin' nowlan! i certainly hope i did the piece justice, 'cause the original is absolutely stunning (and sitting right here next to me)...

anyway, it's a beautfiul day out there... and the boy, the dog and i are gonna go enjoy it!
have a good weekend -


what i'm listening to as i type this ... pearl jam - pearl jam

Thursday, May 4, 2006


just finished scanning the last page of the cobbler's monster...


and on to the next batch of 'haps covers next week.

saw that the cobbler's book was solicited in the new previews (order yours today! - end shameless plug)... as well as the 'haps...

turns out the 'haps will be pushed back to sept., which isn't a bad thing, since the second series is hopefully starting in october.

looking to see some of the sweet pin-ups we've gotten in for the trade? check out todd's blog


(right now he's spotlighting a great piece from the legendary artist and all around great guy, nick cardy)

just picked up a few books at the local comic shop (stillpoint cards and comics in somerset, ma - where i'll be hanging out from 12 -2.30pm this saturday for free comic book day - end plug)... seven issues of infinite crisis (and all those miniseries and oneshots) for... that? ugh.

at least b.p.r.d. and mouse guard were both hellacool.

and i gotta say, any sense of believability has flown out the window on 24, but damn if it isn't THE most addictive show on tv these days (with veronica mars and lost right behind)


what i'm listening to as i type this - in time: the best of r.e.m.