Saturday, May 31, 2008

spidey loves mj!

okay, so i'm hard at work on issue 2 of spidey loves mary jane and just wrapped issue 3 of the haps (our lead story is 14 pages - we meant to go 12, but it just wouldn't stop! - with 2 killer back-up stories by tad stones and new proud poppa kelly yates!) ...

now that it's listed in previews, i guess it's real... "spidey loves mary jane" starts august 6! the stories by comics legend terry frakkin' moore are a LOT of fun (and it's cool that while it's a marvel comic and it's spider-man!, it's not all superheros and fights... spidey is just a supporting character in tmj's teenage world)... here's the colored page that ran in previews... (again, i'm going with a fun, bouncy open animated style 'cause it fits the feel of the story... and the colorist just knocked it outta the park)...

can't believe we've gotta wait until next year for more lost! (what a great finale...)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


okay, joe, here's a new update for ya...

so, todd and i got our copies of haps #2 when we got back from seattle (a GREAT show out west... sold a lot of books, did a lot of sketching, talked with a lot of perhapa-fans, and had a great dinner at ruth chris' with jeff parker, matt maxwell, karl kessel, and todd... and i even managed to get out and see speed racer - despite the critical thrashing it's gotten, i really enjoyed it- fun, fast, colorful... and even a positive message) and the book looks great (oh, poor karl).

working hard on wrapping up issue of the haps 3 and issue 2 of spider-man loves mary-jane... and hopefully getting to a few of the commissions waiting patiently.

not much to show, but realized i still haven't shown these spot illos for wwe kids magazine (for an article "is you teacher a luchadore?") a fun job.

okay, gotta go do some yardwork!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

my how time flies!

been almost a month with no posts... you'd think i've been busy or something...

so, as y'all know, todd and i are hard at work on the just relaunched perhapanauts over at image... response has been great so far (we sold out of all the books we brought to the nyc convention last month and had folks clamoring for more), issue 2 is at the printer, 3 is well underway...

but besides all the work going into the production of the 'haps, i've also been spending just as much time on my other project, which was announced at that nyc show as well... i'm drawing (pencils and inks) the new, terry moore scripted run on spider-man loves mary jane! issue 1 is gonna be wrapped before i head to seattle for the emerald city convention this weekend... and then straight onto number 2 (all the while keeping the 'haps moving along as well)...

commissions are still in the queue and hope to get to the last few waiting real soon.

i did get the chance to run out and see iron man the other night... loved it. thought it hit all the right notes and the cast was great. easily one of the best superhero movies i've seen.

as for tv, can't believe we're in the home stretch for the "regular" season - battlestar galactica and lost have REALLY gotten a sense of urgency now that there's a definite end planned -which makes for great tv. still enjoying the nbc comedy block (milf island on 30 rock? priceless.)

okay, back to work!

oh, since you've been so patient, here's some new art... the "not quie final but you get the idea" cover to haps 5...