Sunday, May 18, 2008


okay, joe, here's a new update for ya...

so, todd and i got our copies of haps #2 when we got back from seattle (a GREAT show out west... sold a lot of books, did a lot of sketching, talked with a lot of perhapa-fans, and had a great dinner at ruth chris' with jeff parker, matt maxwell, karl kessel, and todd... and i even managed to get out and see speed racer - despite the critical thrashing it's gotten, i really enjoyed it- fun, fast, colorful... and even a positive message) and the book looks great (oh, poor karl).

working hard on wrapping up issue of the haps 3 and issue 2 of spider-man loves mary-jane... and hopefully getting to a few of the commissions waiting patiently.

not much to show, but realized i still haven't shown these spot illos for wwe kids magazine (for an article "is you teacher a luchadore?") a fun job.

okay, gotta go do some yardwork!
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