Sunday, May 18, 2008


okay, joe, here's a new update for ya...

so, todd and i got our copies of haps #2 when we got back from seattle (a GREAT show out west... sold a lot of books, did a lot of sketching, talked with a lot of perhapa-fans, and had a great dinner at ruth chris' with jeff parker, matt maxwell, karl kessel, and todd... and i even managed to get out and see speed racer - despite the critical thrashing it's gotten, i really enjoyed it- fun, fast, colorful... and even a positive message) and the book looks great (oh, poor karl).

working hard on wrapping up issue of the haps 3 and issue 2 of spider-man loves mary-jane... and hopefully getting to a few of the commissions waiting patiently.

not much to show, but realized i still haven't shown these spot illos for wwe kids magazine (for an article "is you teacher a luchadore?") a fun job.

okay, gotta go do some yardwork!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to say the WWE mug on his desk gave him away...CURSES!

Glad to hear you enjoyed speed and Matt give me hope for when I rent it (probably soon as well, as the critics have chewed it up). I always say, "If Goodman is in it, can't be too bad?" ;)

Well, here is to this Wednesday and a new Perhap comic!

Gotta say, I enjoy that book.

Brian said...

I love that the class hamster is also a luchadore.

Hope you are able to squeeze a little shut eye into that busy schedule of yours.

Matt Wieringo said...

Awesome! I didn't notice the mask on the hamster until Brian mentioned it. That's hilarious!

We're going to have to find a Ruth's Chris in Charlotte. The name has driven me crazy for years. I'm going to their website now to see if I can figure out what the hell it means.

Brian said...

For those interested.

The short story is a woman named Ruth bought a restaurant called "Chris Steakhouse." After a fire, she decided to move to a new location, but her original purchase agreement did not permit her to use the name "Chris Steakhouse" in a new location, so she went with "Ruth's Chris Steakhouse."

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks, Brian. That kind of thing seriously drives me nuts until I can get an answer. I can sleep soundly now. You da bes'.