Monday, March 12, 2012

iron man baddies!

so, besides all the work i've been doing for disney press' marvel books and my creator owned stuff, i've been lucky enough to do some fun marvel "hero profile" pages for a marvel magazine (which, sadly,  is currently only available overseas - sad because it'd be perfect for the boy and his friends)... besides a full page splash illo, each profile has some villain profiles... and drawing them is as much fun as drawing the main figure... first up, iron man bad guys (and a few other inset images from the spread)... i'll post the other art during the week.

(after the the 4 issue iron man: armor wars mini, the iron man origin storybook, 2 smaller storybooks out later this years and dozens of toolkit drawings, i'm getting pretty comfortable with ol' shell head... )

Monday, March 5, 2012

ff sketch cover commission

don't get a chance to do many color pieces like this, had fun...

work is WELL underway on the next 'haps arc, as well as a few other plates i'm spinning...