Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the cat's outta the bag!

so, it's official...

the 'haps are packing up and moving to image! it's been in the works for a while, but now the word is out. we'l lbe relaunching the book in deb 07 with an extra-sized annual then going to a new series in april... and the skies the limit!

if you haven't found it, there's a forum over on the image boards where todd and plan to hang out and post, so come on by...

here's an early mock-up of the cover for the annual (by me, not the SWEET variant by MIKE ALLRED! i bet todd'll post that one)...

we're hoping the book'll find it's audence with image and we'll be able to work on the book til we're old(er) and gray(er)...

oh, and happy halloween! (and happy day before bithday to our little cat!)


Monday, October 29, 2007

red sox win the world series!

wow, twice in four years... sweet.

and i'll tell ya, until i saw them start playing the way they played those last 3 games in cleveland, i wasn't sure they had what it took. BUT the bats came to life (and not just manny and ortiz...) and everybody came through in flying colors.

and let's not forget the pats 8-0 record (that game was thing of beauty... crazy how good they are... should be a good game against the colts)

let's see, besides all the sports talk, i've been crazy busy with that dc licensing stuff and that oz story... among other things that'll be announced soon, i'm sure. had a good time at the boston convention last weekend (and a great zuni roll at the parish cafe with trish and friends ta boot!) and stopped by umass dartmouth to talk to the illustration class about drawing funnybooks...

so, onto the art post of this post... here's another supergirl commission...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

boston comic show

okay, so the weather's clearing up for game 6 of the alcs (which, i'm glad to see back in boston... and i'm more than a bit pleasantly surprised they've even made it this far... we'll see what happens) and the pats'll try for 6-0 tomorrow... i won't be home to see the game, though, since i'll be up at the boston comic show (they've got a decent guest list withthe usual locals like me, norman lee, bob almond, paul ryan, among others... as well as the legendary jim steranko!)

been working on a few pages for an indy book called the oz/wonderland chronicles, as well as more dc licensing stuff, commissions... and getting geared up for some new 'haps stuff (if you read todd's blog, you'll know we'll have news soon.. and even a new website with all the fixin's!)

so, here's yet another canson piece (got inspired by the wonder woman day piece...)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

happy birthday, todd!

ugh... i've been under the weather these past few days (stupid cold and cough) as well as under the gun workwise (another one of those dc gigs i'll tell you about when i can), but i wanted to get a post up before day's end to wish a very happy birthday to one of my best friends and my partner-in-crime ("my other girlfriend", as trish is fond of saying), todd. hope it was a good one, brother!

so, boston made it to the a.l. championship against cleveland... gotta say, after the last few weeks of the season i wasn't sure they'd make it this far, but they've been playing great ball in the post season so far (unlike the yankees... ouch, although i really can't say it's torre's fault that they weren't able to produce runs)... here's hoping they can go all the way again.

patriots are playing fantastic ball as well, should be a good game with dallas next week (although it's way too early for all this 16-0 talk).

quick tv - reaper's damn good fun (love ray wise as the devil), the office has had brilliant moments (mostly the stuff without michael, who's become a caricature of himself - unlike the great bits with toby and creed), friday night lights, earl and 30 rock have started strong, chuck's been good fun, heroes.... we'll see.

and last but not least, another commission...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

wonder woman day 07

let's get the sox outta the way first, shall we?

wow. great game... beckett really came through. let's hope dice-k has a good outing on friday with some decent run support.

okay, onto the rest of the post...

here's a fun 11x17 canson piece i did for this year's wonder woman day, organized by andy mangels out in portland, or. as a benefit for domestic violence shelters on 28 october 2007. check out for a full rundown and all the other art donated for auction this year (and see last year's contributions as well).

okay, back to work. (ooooh, new office and my name is earl tonight... and the return of 30 rock!)


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

october already?!

wow, so even after letting the 12 game lead slip, the sox ended the regular season on top of the a.l. east (and tied with the indians for the best record in baseball...!) strange stuff... should make for an interesting october.

and how 'bout them pats? wow.

and let's not forget the new fall tv season (enjoying chuck and reaper, haven't gotten to bionic woman on tivo yet ... heroes again seems to be falling back on old comic book cliches, but i'll keep watching... the office was pretty darn good - now with more creed and toby!)

work's been busy with lotsa fun stuff that i can't quite talk about yet, but should have news to announce soon...!

unfortunately, had to cancel my appearance at the nashua, nh comic show in october due to family commitments, but i'm still planning on making it up to the boston show the following week ...

and now, another commission...