Monday, October 29, 2007

red sox win the world series!

wow, twice in four years... sweet.

and i'll tell ya, until i saw them start playing the way they played those last 3 games in cleveland, i wasn't sure they had what it took. BUT the bats came to life (and not just manny and ortiz...) and everybody came through in flying colors.

and let's not forget the pats 8-0 record (that game was thing of beauty... crazy how good they are... should be a good game against the colts)

let's see, besides all the sports talk, i've been crazy busy with that dc licensing stuff and that oz story... among other things that'll be announced soon, i'm sure. had a good time at the boston convention last weekend (and a great zuni roll at the parish cafe with trish and friends ta boot!) and stopped by umass dartmouth to talk to the illustration class about drawing funnybooks...

so, onto the art post of this post... here's another supergirl commission...


Brian said...

Yeah baby! After 1986 and 2003 I really didn't expect to see one in my life time, let alone two. I couldn't be happier, though another Super Bowl wouldn't be turned down. Paps was the man in this series and having saved three games, two of them one run affairs, I would have made him the MVP, though I have no problem giving it to Mikey.

As for the Pats, they are scary good. I know that Washington didn't have a highly rated offense, but their defense was in the top 5 - probably not any more -and their DB's were supposed to be Tom's biggest test to date. So what did he do? Threw three TD's, ran for two and when he was taken out of the game and took his helmet off, it didn't even look like he broke a sweat in the game.

Another great Supergirl and I'm looking forward to the Oz story as well as the mystery project.

dogboy443 said...

WE WON!!!!!!!

I sleep now.

Bob said...

I'll second that, Brian. I would have died happy back in 2004. I honestly thought that was it, I had gone to heaven. Even A-Rod and Boras being self centered and attempting to steal the spotlight did not ruin the evening. It just reaffirmed my personal belief that we don't need A-Rod or the drama he brings to a team. I'm personally happy with Manny being Manny and the rest of the World Champs.

The Pats are unbelievable. CANNOT wait until next weeks game.

Killer Supergirl Craig!

Anj said...

As the owner of that Supergirl commission, I can tell you it is spectacular in person.

The Sox look built for the long haul with a bunch of young pitchers, young position players, and wily veterans. Unreal ... 2 championships in 4 years.

And the Pats seem unstoppable. It is a good time to be a New England sports fan.

Frasier Olivier said...

beutifull!!!You have a wonderfull style.You have some very nice stuff in your blog...Bravo...

DonKelly said...

Looking good there Craig.

Pats and Colts.. hope it's a good mash up.

Can't wait to see what else you've got cookin'.