Wednesday, October 10, 2007

happy birthday, todd!

ugh... i've been under the weather these past few days (stupid cold and cough) as well as under the gun workwise (another one of those dc gigs i'll tell you about when i can), but i wanted to get a post up before day's end to wish a very happy birthday to one of my best friends and my partner-in-crime ("my other girlfriend", as trish is fond of saying), todd. hope it was a good one, brother!

so, boston made it to the a.l. championship against cleveland... gotta say, after the last few weeks of the season i wasn't sure they'd make it this far, but they've been playing great ball in the post season so far (unlike the yankees... ouch, although i really can't say it's torre's fault that they weren't able to produce runs)... here's hoping they can go all the way again.

patriots are playing fantastic ball as well, should be a good game with dallas next week (although it's way too early for all this 16-0 talk).

quick tv - reaper's damn good fun (love ray wise as the devil), the office has had brilliant moments (mostly the stuff without michael, who's become a caricature of himself - unlike the great bits with toby and creed), friday night lights, earl and 30 rock have started strong, chuck's been good fun, heroes.... we'll see.

and last but not least, another commission...

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