Saturday, October 20, 2007

boston comic show

okay, so the weather's clearing up for game 6 of the alcs (which, i'm glad to see back in boston... and i'm more than a bit pleasantly surprised they've even made it this far... we'll see what happens) and the pats'll try for 6-0 tomorrow... i won't be home to see the game, though, since i'll be up at the boston comic show (they've got a decent guest list withthe usual locals like me, norman lee, bob almond, paul ryan, among others... as well as the legendary jim steranko!)

been working on a few pages for an indy book called the oz/wonderland chronicles, as well as more dc licensing stuff, commissions... and getting geared up for some new 'haps stuff (if you read todd's blog, you'll know we'll have news soon.. and even a new website with all the fixin's!)

so, here's yet another canson piece (got inspired by the wonder woman day piece...)

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