Monday, April 30, 2007


geez, with all these commissions i've got here, i could be posting more, huh? guess i don't wanna post'm too quick (in case i get bogged down and the commissions slow up... although at this point i've got at least a dozen in the queue... and all the ones i've already done and scanned).

anyway, here's another of hitsohi's pieces...

so, sox are doing great, yankees not so much (it's still early, i gotta keep telling myself!), randy moss to the pats.... strange stuff!

free comic book day is coming up this weekend, so i'll be up at jetpack comics in new hampshire on saturday (along with ed mcguinness and dexter vines!) and down at my local shop (stillpoint comics in somerset, ma) on sunday afternoon...

not too much to report on the work these days, doing another fun job for dc licensing... with any luck, we'll see what's going on with other pjojects soon...

well, gotta get back to work before i need to go pick up the kids at my folks' house!


what i'm listening to as i type this ... year zero - nine inch nails

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


okay, so esther asked me for a silver age catwoman and went so far as to send me images for reference... which i glanced at quickly and went ahead and did the piece... not realizing i changed the boots to the golden age costume. not wanting to be trouble, she pointed it out and said she'd take it anyway... but heck, the customer is right (and i clearly wasn't) so i did a new one... luckily, she digs it (and the other one found a home in hitoshi's collection, so it's all good!)

and for folks who've read mike wieringo's blog about his feeling a lack of confidence in his work (or a place in the industry), it's kinda telling how many of his peers (and friends) express the very same feelings... myself most definitely included. i think going to conventions and seeing other artists' work can be motivating... and humbling... and downright depressing when i think about how my stuff compares... heck, i get that feeling almost every week looking through new books at the comic shop.


just read that drive got the boot from fox... (heck, i still haven't gotten to watching the first few on tivo... oh well)

Friday, April 20, 2007


okay, so we made it back safely from todd's last night (thanks again, brother! a great time was had by all)...

and now that it's been on the air, i guess i can finally mention one of the gigs i recently did for dc licensing...

smallville: justice and doom! if you were watching the show on the cw last night (sadly, i was busy and tivoing my name is earl), you'dve seen a minute and a half "animated" comic story featuring the smallvile version of the justice league (impulse, green arrow - that's my sample tryout piece above to prove i can do more than animated stuff- cyborg, aquaman, oracle) which continues a subplot on the show about lex luthor and project 33.1... and ties into a big cross promotion game thing with toyota yaris and more... the project was pretty cool to work on, doing all the art on different layers for the animation and effects. they're got 4 more done by other artists which'll air over the next month...

and if you didn't catch it , you can see it online (and learn more about the game) at

alright, back to the commission pile! (what an eclectic list... some jedi, josie of the pussycats, creature from the black lagoon, hermoine... and that's just a few)...


tivoed the first few hours of drive but haven't watched yet... but the shield was just brutal (in a good way, but damn if this is gonna get ugly).

ref got me hooked on one of my new favorites on the discovery channel ... survivorman

Monday, April 16, 2007

change of pace

well, we're off to visit todd for a bit... but before we go, i figured i'd post another piece...

believe it or not, this one's for "today's christian woman" magazine... it was a real fun spot illustration to go with a fun article... the client seemd to dig it. i'd say it's a safe bet that 99% of y'all will never see it in print.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

whaddaya know... another canson paper piece...

okay, a quick one...
here's a domino commission.

now that the initial hype's over, maybe we can have some realistic expectations for dice-k's pitching here in red sox nation... (and that would mean the sox need to hit the ball, too)

not a surprise, but looks like nbc pulled the plug on andy barker... and the black donnellys got pulled off the schedule, too (usually not a good sign... although i won't miss it... lost interest after the second or third episode)

the shield is still going strong... and lost has got me hooked again... and just when 24 seems off it's game, they throw a curve like the final minutes of this week's show (granted, i doubt this season's gonna match last year, but we can hope).

-c (can't get the title track of fountains of wayne's new cd, traffic and weather, outta my head)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

rainy wednesday

here's yet another canson paper piece... wasn't sure which miss marvel costume to go with, but figured i'd go with the new one...

finished up the latest project i've been working on (at least for the time being) so i'm diving head first into getting through a slew of commissions... and trying to drum up more work (and keep working on the next new project todd and i wanna get off the ground... not to mention get a head start on the next 'haps series)...


man, is that new fountains of wayne cd good stuff!

and on the tv front, the shield came back as good as ever last night (took a few minutes to remember everything that happened last year, but... )... damn, it's gonna get ugly.

and i doubt we'll see more than the six episodes of andy barker, pi that were filmed... and that's a shame. (head on over to to watch'm all... the "fairway my lovely" episode had some brilliant stuff in it)