Wednesday, April 25, 2007


okay, so esther asked me for a silver age catwoman and went so far as to send me images for reference... which i glanced at quickly and went ahead and did the piece... not realizing i changed the boots to the golden age costume. not wanting to be trouble, she pointed it out and said she'd take it anyway... but heck, the customer is right (and i clearly wasn't) so i did a new one... luckily, she digs it (and the other one found a home in hitoshi's collection, so it's all good!)

and for folks who've read mike wieringo's blog about his feeling a lack of confidence in his work (or a place in the industry), it's kinda telling how many of his peers (and friends) express the very same feelings... myself most definitely included. i think going to conventions and seeing other artists' work can be motivating... and humbling... and downright depressing when i think about how my stuff compares... heck, i get that feeling almost every week looking through new books at the comic shop.


just read that drive got the boot from fox... (heck, i still haven't gotten to watching the first few on tivo... oh well)
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