Monday, April 30, 2007


geez, with all these commissions i've got here, i could be posting more, huh? guess i don't wanna post'm too quick (in case i get bogged down and the commissions slow up... although at this point i've got at least a dozen in the queue... and all the ones i've already done and scanned).

anyway, here's another of hitsohi's pieces...

so, sox are doing great, yankees not so much (it's still early, i gotta keep telling myself!), randy moss to the pats.... strange stuff!

free comic book day is coming up this weekend, so i'll be up at jetpack comics in new hampshire on saturday (along with ed mcguinness and dexter vines!) and down at my local shop (stillpoint comics in somerset, ma) on sunday afternoon...

not too much to report on the work these days, doing another fun job for dc licensing... with any luck, we'll see what's going on with other pjojects soon...

well, gotta get back to work before i need to go pick up the kids at my folks' house!


what i'm listening to as i type this ... year zero - nine inch nails
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