Thursday, May 3, 2007

bring on the sith...

wow, what a beautifully sunny thursday here in new england... been working hard on yet more commissions and a fun job for dc licensing...

was able to catch a sneak of spider-man 3 last night. it was pretty darn good, although it seemed to try and fit an AWFUL lot into the story (with way too much connecting of story elements)... and a few bad "funny" moments ruined the momentum for me... but great action (maybe a bit too frenetic at times) and character development. i'm still thinking the 2 movies i wanna see this summer are superbad and knocked up.

heading up to fenway tonight to see dice-k in action, hope it's a good game!

man, i LOVED that new hellboy book that came out this week (duncan fegredo is easily one of my favorite artists working today... brilliant stuff!)

oh, yeah, here's a few star wars pieces i did for john higashi (hence the title of today's post... although i guess it should be "bring on the bug guys and trooper droids" but that just doesn't sound as cool)...

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