Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"two fer" tuesday

one of the great things about being in new england here is the changing of the seasons... spring is back and all the trees are starting to bloom (and the kids can play outside again)...

got to see a good game up at fenway ... ugly first inning from dice-k... 5 (runs on 2 hits? ouch.) but it got better.

had a good time up at jetpack comics on free comic book day ... and then spending a few hours at my local shop on sunday.

work moves along on commissions and the dc licensing gig... who knows, maybe i'll get motivated and start contacting editors at dc and marvel again soon...

here's another piece i did for hitoshi and his most impressive collection (check it out on the comic art fans gallery... sorry i don't have the link handy)...

so, there's an end in sight for lost... good for the storytelling, i think. (this season really bounced back after an uneven start... so did 24, to a lesser degree...) season (and series) finales are on the way in the next few weeks, looks to be some good tv.

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