Friday, May 25, 2007

another wonder woman

hmmm, since it's been over a week, you'd think there'd be a lot to post... but with the two kids during the day and working on the dc licensing gig after the family's in bed, i haven't had much time for anything else... besides a few tv shows, which i'll get to in a bit.

we DID get a chance to visit our good friends jamie and karen at the hospital after the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter (good luck with her, jamie!)... since johnny couldn't visit, he's been going on... and on... and on... and on... about going to play at their house and see the baby (who's quite the cutie, i gotta say)...

should be (well, kinda have to be) done with this dc gig next week, so i can get back to a big pile o' commissions and get ready to head down to charlotte for heroes con (and before that, have johnny's big 3 birthday party)...

so, we've gotten to the end of another tv season... heroes seemed a bit anticlimactic, but still interesting... 24, well, it's over... sopranos is looking like it's gonna end with a bang (the last one was just crazy good), the office was great (if you didn't check out creed thoughts over on, go do it now! man, i'm really loving that character these days... and the very last bit with ryan = priceless!)... and lost?! i won't spoil anything, but i'm glad i stuck around, 'cause it really picked up and i'm loving what's going on... but GAH, another show with a 9 month wait for the next season?!)... still haven't watched any of the latest veronica mars (figured i'd try and enjoy'm, since that's all we're gonna get... which is a shame, but it's not the first time a GREAT show got cancelled because it couldn't find an audience... at least we got 3 great seasons, right? although it does make me wonder about people when the pusscat dolls show gets better ratings)

okay, back to work... oh and here's that wonder woman i mentioned...

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