Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cruising right along....

so, work is well underway on issue one of the ON-GOING 'haps series... as well as the x-men first class fill-in (should be starting to ink it later this week!)...

a few freelance jobs have been taking up what little free time i've got left, so i'm gonna keep it brief... still hope to catch cloverfield, got a big kick out of this week's simpsons, about 2//3 through harry potter and the order of the phoenix audio book, finishing up season 4 of the shield on dvd (really holds up well on repeat viewing with all the slowly developing sub-plots and character arcs... but it's ultimately got to end badly for vic on his quest for redemption this final season... right?)... presidential campaigning is already ugly...

and then there's a football game this weekend... should be good.

anywhoo, without much else to say, here's the mock-up for the cover to 'haps #2, out in may (should be in time for the emerald city show!)... one the perks of having your own comic? not only can you put yer name on the cover, but yourselves, too!)


Sunday, January 20, 2008

meet the ... gorillaz

okay, another quick one... this is a commission that came down the pike a while ago and i forgot to post it here for your viewing pleasure, faithful readers...

when trying to figure out what to do with them gorillaz, all those early beatles publicity shots just popped into my head ... and i figured what the heck. (oh, and the request asked for skulls, too... hence the patterned suits... which worked out well)... luckily, the buyer dug it, too.

lessee, what else is going on... made sure the haps annual is all turned in to the fine folks at image, hard at work on issue 1 (and the upcoming covers... so don't be surprised if you get a sneak of #2 this week)... x-men first class is cruising along nicely as well...

besides that, working on some fun side stuff (toy design concepts and the like) and a batch of indiana jones sketch cards... whew.

well, i'm sure there's more to write about, but the pats/chargers championship game starts in 5... catch you later.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 already?!

wow, that was quick... better start posting for the new year, eh?

okay, so as i'm sure y'all know, i've been hard at work on both the haps (launching in feb from image) as well as the x-men first class issue for marvel (looks like it's gonna be #10, even though that's not my name in the previews)...

get ready for another onlsaught of interviews and ads, etc for the haps at image... so i guess we can't comlain that nobody's gonna know about it! (and we're getting more choopie buttcards made for shows, as well as looking into merchandise ... and the new website's well underway.. so it's all haps in '08!)

tv's been mercifully slow (can't get too distracted with all this work), but i have managed to watch a few movies on dvd (harry potter and the simpsons) getting caught up on my audiobooks (about a third of the way through "harry potter and the order of the phoenix"... then onto world war z, recommended by my pal. kelly)

haven't had much time to do many commissions or whatnot with the holidays and workload... but i figure i gotta post somthing.. so here's the colored version of the cover to haps #1 (out in april)...