Sunday, January 20, 2008

meet the ... gorillaz

okay, another quick one... this is a commission that came down the pike a while ago and i forgot to post it here for your viewing pleasure, faithful readers...

when trying to figure out what to do with them gorillaz, all those early beatles publicity shots just popped into my head ... and i figured what the heck. (oh, and the request asked for skulls, too... hence the patterned suits... which worked out well)... luckily, the buyer dug it, too.

lessee, what else is going on... made sure the haps annual is all turned in to the fine folks at image, hard at work on issue 1 (and the upcoming covers... so don't be surprised if you get a sneak of #2 this week)... x-men first class is cruising along nicely as well...

besides that, working on some fun side stuff (toy design concepts and the like) and a batch of indiana jones sketch cards... whew.

well, i'm sure there's more to write about, but the pats/chargers championship game starts in 5... catch you later.



Bill Nolan said...

Indy sketch cards? Cool!

Yay, Pats, btw...

Looking forward to just about everything you listed. Quite a lot on your plate these days. Nice!

Matt Wieringo said...

That looks great! You really nailed the Gorillaz.

Don't get me started on football right now. Damned Packers.

eric nguyen said...


Hey how are you doing Craig, man I heard you are doing a fill in on xmen first class...sheeesh that is gonna be freaking amazing. I really dig the Perhapanauts, cool stuff. You color your own work? I find it so tedious to do everything. Anyway, I just happened across your blog... and it's great. Can't wait to see your xmen issue.


DonKelly said...

I'll keep an eye out for the X-Men issue dude. Hopefully it leads to more. Not that the 'Haps ain't gonna be keeping you busy too.
I am so waiting for that to hit the stands.

Brian said...

Really looking forward to the 'Haps and that X-Men issue.

As for football, yeah Pats.

How the offense performed with a poor perfomance from Tom Terrific and how the defense performed in the red zone have me very optimistic about our chances against the Giants, a team that gave them all they could handle three weeks ago.