Friday, February 27, 2009


so, i was inspired to this one by matt's super sweet etrigan he did a while back... (and the omnibus he and squeeze got me for x-mas... thanks again, guys!)...

not much new to report, still getting back into the swing after NYC, trying to get some pages finished on the next cap story so i can fit something else in for marvel before the next one... (this 4 month gap between issues is working out well! as soon as i can spill on what's on tap, i will)

signed off on the proofs for the first image haps trade today, so it's coming (and so is issue 6 as soon as i finish a few pages on my story... scott and leanne and todd and jason are waiting on me... good thing it's my name over the title or i'd be outta work)

only a few episodes of BSG left, can't wait to see how it all wraps up.


Monday, February 16, 2009

another piece for louie

so, for a while now, louie la palombara over at geekboy press has been trying to stump me with off the wall canson commissions... the latest being "arsenic and old lace" from runaways... for not knowing the book, i guess i did okay... (next one's gonna be straight up old school with dr. doom!)

so, had a GREAT store opening signing at friendly neighborhood comics in bellingham, ma  (owned and operated by my good pal, ernie pelletier)... great turnout and great new store (one of the nicest all around comic shops i've been in, really catering to the everyday crowd... not trying to take away from another fantastic shop in bellingham, rubber chicken comics - man, it'd be sweet to live near 2 great shops like that )

and for folks looking for original art, i decided to make things a lot easier on myself and have my uber art rep and hellacool guy  bob shaw over at comic art house handle sales on ALL the art (marvel, beckett, and now PERHAPANAUTS)... heck, in a WEEK, he managed to get all the haps pages from the image run on-line (i never even tried) and the new cap pages that are still available... so head on over and buy a page, will ya?

i'm sure there's more, but work calls...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

back from new york comic con...

so, made it back in one piece and back to work on my next cap story and haps 6.... it was a great show (realizing now i didn't get to see half the folks i wanted to... and even the ones i did see i barely had time to talk to...)

random highlights include - BBQ at virgil's (mmmmmm); dinner with todd, rich woodall, kelly yates and rod and leanne hannah (and an excruciatingly painful/funny story from rich); getting to 30 rock to see SNL (thanks yet again, scott!!); meeting new/old friends like david and julia petersen, shane glines, greg and marianne adams, and WAY too many more to mention; getting my sketchbook back from andy macdonald with a killer piece in it! (and it was extra sweet, since i thought i had lost it for good - and it had a nice piece from 'ringo in it); selling out of most of the 'haps we brought with us... and all the great response to the book still...

wanted to thank everybody who stopped by the table to get a book signed, get a sketch or page of art, or even just say "hey!"

and some folks who were at the show saw this color print i had done since the first issue of my marvel adventures superheroes featuring captain america comes out this week (wow, say THAT name a few times...)

okay, back to that work i mentioned. 

(caught up on my friday night lights, BSG, the office, 30 rock and 24... whew! that's damn good tv)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

harry potter

well, here's a harry potter i did for a friend of a friend (who has, like many, been waiting patiently)... 

starting to get everything ready for the new york comic con this weekend, trying to get through a few more cap and 'haps pages and few more commissions...

and i don't know about everybody else, but i gotta say, tv is really hitting some high notes right now (bsg - frak!, 24, lost, and friday night lights are all delivering in a big way... and some returning favorites are as solid as ever - 30 rock, the office, earl, scrubs, chuck)