Monday, December 17, 2012

marvel superheroes 19 cover... start to finish

so, in my attempt to keep this blog a bit more up to date (and post the stuff i show on Facebook as well), here's an alternate cover for for MARVEL SUPERHEROES 19 (an international magazine i've been lucky enough to do covers for over the last year or so) from sketches through pencils to inks then colors (by john rauch, who's killing it on "invincible" these days!)

i'll be getting a gallery of this magazine art together at some point (as well as adding the covers in the slowly building "art for sale "section here on the site...!,58.html)

(in the drawing board queue now-  haps - danger down under 4, kyrra chapter 3, cover for MSH 24... and a few other things)

Monday, December 3, 2012

avengers: earth's mightiest sample...

alrighty, i'm gonna make an effort to update here as well as facebook (and REALLY need to update the galleries... months of stuff i haven't posted here.. d'oh.)

here's a quick sample sketch i did for "avengers: earth mightiest heroes" comic story from earlier this year (had fun with the sketch, but had to rush the story - and it shows in the finished art - in issue 6, btw...)


it's algebraic!

... figured it was time for even a quick update... here's the exclusive cover i did for cards, comics and collectibles in maryland.

(does anybody still come here for art... or have you found my updates on Facebook?)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

future boy

another (as always) GREAT heroescon show in charlotte this year... besides getting to promote the next upcoming arc of the 'haps starting in OCTOBER, we also had a preview book of short stories from our new online venture ARTIST ALLEY COMICS (available free for download at the site)... 

i'll blog more about AAC (and more haps ) real soon when i can get up for air... 

plenty to do these days (more marvel magazine covers, 'haps, kyrra, more)... so little time (school's OUT for the summer) ... soooooo, a quick post with a pre-show commission i managed to get done - legion's braniac.

we'll talk tv, movies, music and more real soon, honest...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

gallery neglect...

so, realizing it's been AGES since i've really updated any part on the website (or the website, for that matter)... gotta get better about it (i've been adding stuff on Facebook and not getting it onto the blog or in a gallery)...

check out the gallery for a new section about marvel magazine art (the first issue just hit shelves last week... and it's been a blast doing some covers and hero profiles and more...)

plenty to post about in the very near future - disney marvel storybooks, the new perhapanauts arc coming up, and the new digital venture at artist alley comics... tv, music, comics, and how much the avengers rocked!

but now, back to work.


Monday, March 12, 2012

iron man baddies!

so, besides all the work i've been doing for disney press' marvel books and my creator owned stuff, i've been lucky enough to do some fun marvel "hero profile" pages for a marvel magazine (which, sadly,  is currently only available overseas - sad because it'd be perfect for the boy and his friends)... besides a full page splash illo, each profile has some villain profiles... and drawing them is as much fun as drawing the main figure... first up, iron man bad guys (and a few other inset images from the spread)... i'll post the other art during the week.

(after the the 4 issue iron man: armor wars mini, the iron man origin storybook, 2 smaller storybooks out later this years and dozens of toolkit drawings, i'm getting pretty comfortable with ol' shell head... )

Monday, March 5, 2012

ff sketch cover commission

don't get a chance to do many color pieces like this, had fun...

work is WELL underway on the next 'haps arc, as well as a few other plates i'm spinning...


Monday, January 30, 2012

world's future finest

always have a blast drawing terry (and clark)... another pmc sketch down!

Monday, January 23, 2012

another PMC sketch!

wow, closing on two months without a post?! whew...

even though there's not much to show here, i've been PLENTY busy with work on disney/marvel storybook material, continuing work for some fun marvel magazines (available only overseas, sadly), a custom comic (which i should be able to talk about soon, i imagine) and more...

BUT i did manage to get another "thank you!" sketch done... (and with any luck, the rest in the next week or so)...

-c (managing to get through plenty of "doctor who" on netflix and couldn't be happier that "justified" is back on fx)