Monday, December 17, 2012

marvel superheroes 19 cover... start to finish

so, in my attempt to keep this blog a bit more up to date (and post the stuff i show on Facebook as well), here's an alternate cover for for MARVEL SUPERHEROES 19 (an international magazine i've been lucky enough to do covers for over the last year or so) from sketches through pencils to inks then colors (by john rauch, who's killing it on "invincible" these days!)

i'll be getting a gallery of this magazine art together at some point (as well as adding the covers in the slowly building "art for sale "section here on the site...!,58.html)

(in the drawing board queue now-  haps - danger down under 4, kyrra chapter 3, cover for MSH 24... and a few other things)

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Brian said...

I cannot see Scorpio without thinking of Steranko's all too short run on Nick Fury.