Saturday, March 29, 2008

the saturday morning comic!

okay, after mentioning it the other day, i went and dug out a copy of "the saturday morning comic" from marvel back in 1996 (and my first published comics work... so that THAT, impulse!)...

created as a tie-in to the "altoonative rock for cartoon lovers" cd (their words, not mine), the comic follows the record producer and a "john smith" from the future, and the duo track down all the acts on the cd (matthew sweet, liz phair, the ramones, the violent femmes, helmet, butthole surfers, reverend horton heat, collective soul and more) and have'm record covers of saturday morning cartoon theme songs before some bad guys from the future... do something (didn't really re-read it, just flipped through it quickly)... so i can't say much about the story, but it did have some great fun art from tim sale, steve lightle, trevor von eden, steve leialoah, pat oliffe, tom morgan, rick parker, tony salmons, rick geary, chris bachalo, kieron dwyer, neil volkes, chris moeller, michael avon oeming, steve yeowell, klaus janson, steve purcell, bob fingerman, mike zeck ...and me. (kinda crazy all the talent dana moreshead lined up for this book... and then threw me in. go figure... but thanks again, dana!)

so, without further rambling, here ya go...


when pulling out this page, i found a SLEW of old sample pages and tryouts from way back... might haveta scan'm and post'm from time to time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

x-men: first class 10

okay, so a quick one to let you folks know that my first "real" marvel comic came out this week*... i'm pleased with how it turned out (and clearly my editors were too, since it led to my new gig)... and the colors by emily warren are just beautiful (always funny to see folks other than rico color my stuff these days... luckily, i've worked with talented folks like lee louridge, rico and giulia brusco... and now emily)... and of course, jeff parker's story is pretty swell, too. so go buy a copy.. or two.


*my first published work at marvel was WAY back before impulse - 1 page in a comic based on a cd called saturday morning hits (covers of cartoon theme songs by alterna-folks like the reverend horton heat, liz phair, matthew sweet, helmet and more)... my page was for fat albert and the cosby kids, covered by a band called dig... and again, i have a big thanks to dana moreshead for that one (besides an unknown like me, there was some crazy talent involved - cover by bill sienkewicz, pages by chris bachalo, tim sale and a bunch more... gotta dig out my copy)

Monday, March 24, 2008

still drawing away...

so, x-men first class comes out this week... had a great time working with our pal, uber-talented (and omni-present these days) writer jeff parker... with any luck we can find time to do more together in the future... but can't imagine taking on any more work for the time being... yikes, i'm busy!

over on todd's blog we'll be posting about some of the promotional perhapa-onslaught we're planning for the convention season (only 25 or so days until the nyc show?!)...

in the meantime, here's another commission i finished recently... (unfortunately, this is one of those that fell through the cracks since last heroes... d'oh! sorry this one took so long...)


Saturday, March 15, 2008

the shadow knows...

okay, as you can guess, things've been just crazy busy... and there's no sign of letting up for the foreseeable future (not that that's a bad thing)...

besides all the work going into the extra long story in the 'haps annual (now out), the x-men: first class 10 (out next month) getting the final, lettered issue 1 of the haps off to image last week, jumping onto issue 2, working on a special 5 page 'haps story - and cover- for an image compilation/sampler (more on that later), t-shirt stuff and promo stuff for the upcoming convention season, and gearing up for a 5 issue series over at marvel (pencils and inks! more on that later, too)... i've managed to get to a few commissions...

so, here's the shadow.

whew, i'm tired just thinking about it all. but i've got more work to do tonight...

Monday, March 3, 2008

a quick hellboy

so, this one's for nick, who was kind enough to snag me one of the hellboy prints mike mignola had for sale at wondercon last weekend..

other random bits -
-feedback has been pretty good on the 'haps annual (now at image!) so far... and i think folks'll dig the on-going as well...

-speaking of which, i'm working hard on wrapping up issue 1 and and jumping onto 2 (and a few other 'haps things we'll announce when the time is right)

-got a few fun discussions going about dream cover artists and possible drawing jam over at the 'haps board

-starting to line up some great guest cover and/or back up story artists for upcoming issues (who may or may not be on that list)

-a few folks had asked... the harry potter/ron/hermoine canson pieces are up for sale (as a set) over at serendipity art sales (almost done listening to the deathly hallows - think voldemort is gonna have to be next in the series of sketches) ... oh, and the x-men-first class art'll be up there when the book is released next month!

-on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, i'm still appalled by a telemarker, who called (on a sunday afternoon, no less) to get me to renew a magazine subscription... when i politely interrupted and told her i still had over TWO YEARS on my current subscription, she snidely snapped "well, thanks for at least listening to what i had to say" ... before hanging up... when did this become acceptable? no wonder i don't answer out of area" calls any more... sheesh.

okay, back to work before i haveta pick up the boy at school!