Monday, March 3, 2008

a quick hellboy

so, this one's for nick, who was kind enough to snag me one of the hellboy prints mike mignola had for sale at wondercon last weekend..

other random bits -
-feedback has been pretty good on the 'haps annual (now at image!) so far... and i think folks'll dig the on-going as well...

-speaking of which, i'm working hard on wrapping up issue 1 and and jumping onto 2 (and a few other 'haps things we'll announce when the time is right)

-got a few fun discussions going about dream cover artists and possible drawing jam over at the 'haps board

-starting to line up some great guest cover and/or back up story artists for upcoming issues (who may or may not be on that list)

-a few folks had asked... the harry potter/ron/hermoine canson pieces are up for sale (as a set) over at serendipity art sales (almost done listening to the deathly hallows - think voldemort is gonna have to be next in the series of sketches) ... oh, and the x-men-first class art'll be up there when the book is released next month!

-on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, i'm still appalled by a telemarker, who called (on a sunday afternoon, no less) to get me to renew a magazine subscription... when i politely interrupted and told her i still had over TWO YEARS on my current subscription, she snidely snapped "well, thanks for at least listening to what i had to say" ... before hanging up... when did this become acceptable? no wonder i don't answer out of area" calls any more... sheesh.

okay, back to work before i haveta pick up the boy at school!


Brian said...

Cool hellboy and I like the sound of some 'Haps back up stories.

As for your telemarketer "friend," sad to say, it is nothing new.

Years ago my father was just starting to look for a new car and went to a lot in our neighborhood. He was very up front with the guy about the fact that he had just started looking and wouldn't be buying that day. Still the guy was there with the hard sell and when my father went to leave without buying the guy said, "Well then, go ahead, get the fcuk out of here."

DonKelly said...

Telemarketers suck... I'm usually very nice but once I tell 'em "no thanks" that should follow with "ok good day then" not a continued barrage of offers causing me to finally just hang up.

Cool Hellboy! I'm digging him. Would there ever be a Hellboy / 'Haps team up? If only in sketch form?

Hmmmm.... there's an idea.

John Rauch said...

Great Hellboy!

Matt Wieringo said...

Excellent Hellboy drawing!

As for telemarketers, though I work at an advertising agency with a call center, I can't stand them. I got on the do-not-call list years ago and it helped a little but then I found out that it doesn't apply to bill collectors (thankfully not a problem), charities, political campaigns and companies that already have you as a client/customer. Doesn't leave many callers out, does it? I used to not pick up the phone if I didn't recognize the number but lately that's not an option. Maddening, I tells ya.