Thursday, March 27, 2008

x-men: first class 10

okay, so a quick one to let you folks know that my first "real" marvel comic came out this week*... i'm pleased with how it turned out (and clearly my editors were too, since it led to my new gig)... and the colors by emily warren are just beautiful (always funny to see folks other than rico color my stuff these days... luckily, i've worked with talented folks like lee louridge, rico and giulia brusco... and now emily)... and of course, jeff parker's story is pretty swell, too. so go buy a copy.. or two.


*my first published work at marvel was WAY back before impulse - 1 page in a comic based on a cd called saturday morning hits (covers of cartoon theme songs by alterna-folks like the reverend horton heat, liz phair, matthew sweet, helmet and more)... my page was for fat albert and the cosby kids, covered by a band called dig... and again, i have a big thanks to dana moreshead for that one (besides an unknown like me, there was some crazy talent involved - cover by bill sienkewicz, pages by chris bachalo, tim sale and a bunch more... gotta dig out my copy)
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