Wednesday, April 4, 2007

rainy wednesday

here's yet another canson paper piece... wasn't sure which miss marvel costume to go with, but figured i'd go with the new one...

finished up the latest project i've been working on (at least for the time being) so i'm diving head first into getting through a slew of commissions... and trying to drum up more work (and keep working on the next new project todd and i wanna get off the ground... not to mention get a head start on the next 'haps series)...


man, is that new fountains of wayne cd good stuff!

and on the tv front, the shield came back as good as ever last night (took a few minutes to remember everything that happened last year, but... )... damn, it's gonna get ugly.

and i doubt we'll see more than the six episodes of andy barker, pi that were filmed... and that's a shame. (head on over to to watch'm all... the "fairway my lovely" episode had some brilliant stuff in it)
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