Tuesday, March 27, 2007

holy frak!

okay, so that was a pretty interesting season finale of battlestar galactica (no spoilers in case you tivoed it) the other night (which leaves us with a LOT of questions)...but 2008?! damn. (that's long enough for me to forget most of the little stuff... heck, i can't remember most of the last season of the sopranos... or the shield, both of return real soon...)

thoroughly sad to see rome go, but it went out in style (man, once deadwood wraps up later this year after the sopranos, why keep hbo? bad enough i can't turn on one of the six(!) hbo channels without catching a star wars movie...)

watched the first episode of "this american life" on-line (over at the showtime site) and wish i was able to watch it every week (i love listening on npr), a strong first outing...

looks like i'll be getting through a good chunk of commissions soon, since work has slowed down... here's another one for hitoshi! (looking back through'm all, wonder woman is coming in third behind batman and batgirl as most requested... and well ahead of dazzler... and mento)

decided to go through the list of monthly (well, what should be monthly) comics i get at the local shop and really cut back... every week i bring home a handful of books and really only enjoy 1 or 2 (heck, most i get for the art these days...) ... after talking with a few folks (some who read this very blog...), i know i'm not the only one...


what im listening to as i type this... arcade fire - neon bible (after seeing 'm live at saturday night live last month - and not being overly impressed, i gotta say - i figured i'd try out the cd... and it's growing on me... gotta love emusic!)
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