Monday, March 19, 2007

why i hate my convention sketches...

over the past 10 years or so, i've done a fair share of comic conventions... and more than a few sketches.

most folks are genuinely happy to get'm and are polite enough to not scoff when they see'm (after they leave the table, who knows)...

so, every now and then i happen to see a scan of a con sketch that makes me cringe... and wish i just stopped doing them (not all of'm are bad, mind you... but the ones that are just drive me crazy... i'd like to think other artists feel this way)... before the onslaught of on-line galleries and comic community sites, the only chance i'd have to see'm is when people bring the book back to another show to get another sketch (and usually after flipping through and being intimidated by all the other great sketches, i find my older efforts and think " well, at least i can try and do better this time")

so, when i saw an older batman/hellboy piece i did the other night, i just hadta go back and redo it for my own sanity.

oh, and had a great time at the new boston convention this weekend, and got a chance to see some old friends and new... and finally meet some folks who's work i dig (like scott wegener and nick dragotta)... and then had a fantastic time at a good friend's wedding that night (congrats again, joe and tina!)...


didn't catch battlestar yet... and stupid me, forgot to program the tivo for the new hellboy cartoon... d'oh! (realized almost halfway through and checked... turns out i only had the first one in the season pass...) but manoman, was rome good. (only one left... gah!)... rewatched andy barker and just loved the small moments that really made it work.


Bill Nolan said...

Craig, great seeing you in Boston, and thanks for the great sketch. Maybe you can sneak in a surpise, limited-time appearance in Nashua, too... ;)

As for TV, I still haven't watched 24 from last week, so I'll just be recording this week's. Haven't watched BSG yet, either, because it's been boring me lately. As silly as some of the plot "revelations" have been lately on Lost (Jack's tattoos), I'm still enjoying that show the most out of any I watch... I must be a masochist...

Brian said...

I really like the newer batman and that's a very cool take on Hellboy, though that canson Hellboy I got off of you a couple of years back remains my favorite.

As for the show, looks like a great time was had by all. I got to meet Nick Dragotta and Roger Andrews for the first time and hope to see more of both of them at future shows. Just wish I had bought a little more cash with me as the money was just flying out of my pocket. From what I could tell, I wasn't the only one with that problem and the dealers looked pretty busy to me for the entire show.

Glad to hear Scott was able to make it over to your table as he mentioned wanting to get a chance to meet you, but it looked like he was pretty busy what with his prime location outside of the men's room. Normally that location would be a bad thing, but the men's room at this place was like something you'd expect to find in a British Gentlemen's Club.

I hope the crowd and the good feelings translate into a bigger Boston Comic Book Convention in the future as we could certainly do with a bigger Boston show in the future. (N.B. It's always a good sign when the folks with the costumes show up.) I think if you schedule it in the early spring while the colleges are still in session, and actually advertise on the campuses, that you should be able to get a pretty good crowd to a Boston Show without too much of an effort.


P.S. Craig I sent you an e-mail on Sunday, let me know if it didn't go through.

Brian said...

TV News:

Veronica Mars is, again, on the cancelation bubble and the gal who plays Parker has signed on for a new pilot. Rumor is that if the show does come back for a 4th season, that they will fast forward it a few years and have Veronica working for the FBI.

Rome's second season will be its last.

And Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck from Galactica, continues her conquest of 70's Sci-Fi remakes by taking on the role of an evil bionic women in a pilot for a new bionic women show.

Brian said...

Boston Show Update:

My local comic chain, New England Comics, had a table at the show and my LCBS guy, Jim, said they did very well and that all the other dealers were happy and made money at the show as well.

The guy who ran the show, also a Jim I believe, is planning another show for October.