Wednesday, March 7, 2007

ooooh, a ghost....

... no, not that one from the 'haps, either. here's another recent commission... always glad it works out when i choose the right color canson paper to work on...

so, work is moving ahead, and commissions are moving along as well... things're good.

kinda wish this cold snap would break... or we'd at least get some snow to show for it.


there's a lull in tv for a few weeks (well, a slight lull anyway... we've still got new rome and battlestar (frak! didn't see that ending coming)... as well as 24 (here comes the rickster! i enjoyed his run on nypd, hope he lasts more than one episode)... and i can catch up on my dvds at some point (just started season 4 of penn and teller's bullsh*t with the boy scout episode... sums up my thoughts about scouts lately, which is a shame)
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